Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Neglected blog post and puppy needs a name!

I must introduce you to the latest addition to my family, she is a four week old abandoned puppy and she is the reason I have neglected my blog over the weekend.

I have to feed her from a baby bottle every two hours and she cries throughout the night, hence the provisional name of 'Siren', she has very expensive taste already, loves leopard print, has amazing talons and the cutest little face ever, I'm in love with her. We were thinking of finding her a home but we just have to keep her, she's now part of the family.

I'm still trying to come up with a good name, what do you think?




or something else?

Ps, got quite a few posts coming up on Korres, make up schools and Emma Hardie Skincare.


  1. isn't she divine...bless her cotton socks. I would say minx, although i think this might get a bit irksome when she is older and your calling her in the park, try shouting minx ten thousand times over cause she is not coming back. when i first saw the pics, i immediacy thought of 'poppy' or poppet.
    what breed is she. Sx

  2. Awww... she is too cute! (And has good taste too - leopard print?!)

    I think the name depends on what feels right when you call her... but I do like Minx

    Sami x

  3. Ahh, thanks guys.

    She is a little staffy.

    I can't decide but she needs a name soon. Haha.


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