Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Inika: The First in Halal Natural Cosmetics

Inika is a 100% natural Australian cosmetics brand which has revolutionised natural make up.

• All products are 100% Certified Halal
• Certified organic with Austrialia’s Organic Food Chain
• Inika is certified Vegan with the UK Vegan Society.
• Inika is 100% Certified Cruelty Free with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free Organisation.
• Inika’s boxes are made from recycled materials and all packaging is recyclable.
• Cosmetic brushes are made from synthetic fibres.

I need this stand at home!

The founders of Inika, Miranda Bond and Jenni Williams created this range out of their need for a toxic-free lifestyle combined with their passion for glamorous, high quality cosmetics. They found that other ‘natural’ cosmetic brands were either not as ‘natural’ as they claimed to be or the quality was poor.

Inika products are guaranteed to be completely free from harsh petrochemicals, fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride (which causes irritation, this is a common ingredient in other mineral make up), GM ingredients, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, phthalates and fragrances. All products are also non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog the pores, and are so gentle that women who have suffered allergies and sensitivities to cosmetics for years have been able to wear Inika without any reaction.

“Inika is all about creating glamour that’s good for you!” (Miranda bond, CEO and co-founder of Inika)

Inika cosmetics are also recommended by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons for use following procedures like laser resurfacing, chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion. The reason being because of the purity of the ingredients.

Ingredients in inika: only natural minerals.

Who is it for: Everyone, whether you’re health conscious, have problem skin (rosacea, psoriasis, acne scarring, dry, mature, problem or sensitive skin) or if you’re like me, just love exciting great quality cosmetics.
The quality of these products is far superior to any other mineral cosmetic brand I have tried. I’ve always liked the concept of mineral make up, but found that the colours were wishy-washy. However, the eye shadows within the Inika collection really wowed me, they are like the MAC pigments, extremely highly pigmented and a little goes a very long way (just look at the swatches on my hand).

The foundations come in powder or liquid form, They contain mica, which reflects light away from fine lines and wrinkles. The Titanium and Zinc Oxide offer a built in sun protection (which varies between products).
I love the liquid foundation, I tested some on the back of my hand and just a small amount gave a flawless finish, for women who prefer more coverage, there is the option to build it up gradually.

Just a drop of the Liquid Mineral Foundation
The Mineral foundation is equally as glorious, the Kabuki brush ensures a perfect application. I was so shocked to discover that the bristles are synthetic, I never use synthetic brushes because they are usually awful. However, the Kabuki brush is beautifully cut, and it’s really thick – like real hair. I’ll be using this to apply my blusher and I’ll be getting another one for contouring/bronzer. It feels so soft and silky on my skin. It’s one of my ‘IT’ products!

Oh my God, I just stood in awe of the amazing range of colours of Organic eyeliners and the eye shadows! I want every colour! The eyeshadows can be used wet or dry and layered over the eyeliners.

Top: black eyeshadow, black eyeshadow when wet (as a liner)
The black eyeshadow is the best, most matte black I have seen. I have found that black eyeshadows tend to look more of a graphite/dark grey. I have to get this black. It’s brilliant!

I love the genius idea of incorporating the sharpener in the lid of the eyeliner! Clever ladies! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? I’ve lost so many sharpeners.

Built in pencil sharpener
Certified Organic Lip Whips and lip pencils. The Lip Whips are like a tinted lip balm which applies like a gloss. They contain ultra moisturising ingredients such as organic honey and shea butter (so no grosse lip gloss build up). Tastes so good, I licked it off my lips (oops).

The liquid highlighter is gorgeous, it’s a peachy gold, so perfect for most skin colours (need to add that to my shopping list too). The loose highlighting powder gives more of a pearlised glow and can be mixed with the matt bronzers, blushers or worn alone. The bronzers have cool names like ‘Sunloving’ and ‘Sunseeker’ (love both of these colours, for different times of the year of course),

100% natural and can be used with lash extensions.

Also within the range: primer, blushers, lipsticks and setting powder.

I could go on about make up all day long, so, I’ll end with a little trivia.

Inika means ‘small earth’ in Hindi. The world is a small place, so it’s nice to know that there are brands like Inika who care about it.

Inika is available online here or selected Wholefoods stores.


  1. Inika is most certainly NOT the first in halal natural cosmetics!!!!! I suggest you Google the subject. Also, they are NOT 100% Vegan - check their lip gloss out.

  2. Oh dear, I do apologise if I am wrong. Do you know who the first halal mineral cosmetic make up brand is? Inika was launched in 2006.

    Also, you are right, the lip whips are not 100% vegan because they contain honey, but honey is halal. The prophet (pbuh)enjoyed eating honey.

  3. if they include non-vegetarian product it does not mean that it is not halal. Any animal which sacrificed in the way guided by Mohammad (PBUH)is halal. If the products are of pig and of animals that have died their natural death are haram in Islam. Honey was one of the wseet products that huzoor liked most.

  4. Halal products are those which are made from those items which are not taboo in Islam. Non-vegan does not mean that it is not halal. It should be from such a source which is halal then the products are known as halal

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