My Heroes

Years ago, Chanel used to have their range of limited edition products called 'star products' (me and my college girlfriends used to rush to buy them before our lessons started, we were so acquainted with the Chanel counter, I became good friends with the sales assistants, haha). Anyway, it is such a shame Chanel stopped doing these little beauties.

I am dedicating this page to my hero brands and hero products, in English? the best products I have ever used, will regularly re-purchase and highly recommend. This will be an on-going list as I discover new products and re-introduce classics. 

I have got to start off with one of my favourite brands which I have been using for 13 years...NARS Cosmetics. NARS blushers are my favourite out of every other brand out there ( I currently have 10).

NARS Cosmetics

Hero blushers from NARS;

* Deep Throat
* Orgasm ...(remember my post on blush porn? It's about these colours and Sex Appeal).
* Mata Hari
* Gilda

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils in;

* Red Square
* Dragon Girl (also a Gwen Stefani fave)

NARS multiples (for eyes, lips and cheeks);

* Malibu
* Portofino
* Copacabana
* South Beath
* Malaysia
(next to add to my collection will be Laguna, in LOVE with it)

OCC Lip Tars

Not a lipgloss and not a lipstick, these beauties are best described as a 'lip tar' due to the ultra rich pigment which applies like paint, I haven't come across anything else like lip tars, I must say I am addicted. I own 9! My favourite colours are;

* Hush: a pale pink
* Grandma: classic coral
* Divine: vivid pink flamingo

I love mixing them to make my own variations of pink and coral! I also never make the same colour twice, it's like being back at art class in school.


Greek skincare and make up brand KORRES offers natural and certified Organic products at such an affordable price. Some of my heroes from KORRES are;

* Body butters (fave scents are Guava, Vanilla Plum, Jasmine and Japanese Rose). I literally get through one sometimes two a month.
* Lip butters (fave is Pomegranate). Laced with flavour and colour, these lip butters can be found in all of my bags, I LOVE them.
* Yoghurt Cooling Gel, a cooling after-sun for face and body. This product really works if you have sun burn (made with real yoghurt, but don't eat it).


Parisian pharmacy brand NUXE has been one of my favourite brands ever since I discovered in 2000. I religously use;

* Reve de Miel (honey lip balm)
* Huile Prodigieuse - dry oil (the gold shimmer is my favourite, I use it all year round as a highlighter on my face and on my body with a tan)

ORLY Beauty

ORLY is the BEST nail polish brand in the world! Created in 1975 by Jeff Pink (also founder of the French Manicure), this brand continues to dictate trends and innovative products, such as the gripper cap (teeth no longer required to open jammed bottles, ORLY is the ONLY brand to have this), a rubberised basecoat called Bonder to nail art!

Some of my heroes from ORLY

* Bonder basecoat
* Polishield 3 in 1 topcoat
* Flash Dry Drops
* Cuticle Care Complex
* Va Va Voom (neon pink from Pin Up)
* Fancy Fuchsia (barbie pink from Precious)
* It's not me, it's you
* Take him to the cleaners
* Naughty
* Hottie (mani mini)
* Basket Case
* Prince Charming


Every gal who wants a golden tan needs the Thalgo Tan Booster in their life! Use it twice a day for up to two weeks before your holiday to prepare your skin for a golden longer lasting natural tan.

Hampton Sun

Fabulously packaged, smells like a luxurious perfume brand and really works! I love;

* SPF 30
* SPF 15 Gel
* After sun moisturiser
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