Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Is your skin feeling emotional?


So, a question from Natalie on the Make up It Girl Facebook fan page got me thinking...

When I used to work in make up and skin care, when you would ask customers what type of skin they had, most claimed to have 'Sensitive skin'. What a lot of people don't realise is that Sensitive skin is not a type of skin but a skin condition.

Now, Natalie is a classic example of someone with Sensitive skin. For those of you who aren't sure if you have sensitive skin, ask yourself if when you use certain products; does your skin get irritated, leaving your skin red and blotchy?

Anyway, back to what got me thinking, your skin is a living organ so I guess it must have feelings. So, if you have sensitive skin, is your skin just feeling emotional? or is it fed up of harsh chemicals, parabens and alcohol based products?

I'm no dermatologist and maybe my Chemistry mates (Parwinder AKA Lady Par-Par and Surveen AKA Binny) can help me with this subject. Do we make our skin sensitive? Is it product related? Is it like an allergy? I personally think we do make our skin sensitive, so we need to try and de-sensitise it. There is a product by Comfort Zone called Skin Resonance that claims to do just that.

If you do have sensitive skin, I recommend you go organic. Organic isn't just some sort of hippy phase, it's the future. Organic products doesn't have any parabens. I just bought some organic chocolate cake today which I can't wait to try. There are some organic skin care products and ranges like Sacred Nature, Badger Balms, Dr Hauschka etc, there are loads around now.

A few tips for those of you with Sensitive skin and how to manage it;

* Avoid alcohol based products
* Use fragrance-free products (therefore no alcohol)
* Check the product says 'hypoallergenic')
* Go organic
* Avoid exfoliators, but Chantecaille's Rice and Geranium is amazing and doesn't have any bits in (really gentle and fresh).
* Maybe you're allergic to something so go get it checked out with one of those intolerance tests.

That's it from me, going to get myself a huge slice of organic chocolate cake!


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Major apologies, mini make up

Hiya, (and a belated Happy New Year)

I am so sorry for the major delay in updating my blog. Not only have I been major busy but I also believe in blogging about something worth saying and not just for the sake of it.

So, everyone starts off a new year with resolutions like giving up chocolate (NEVER), going to the gym (NEVER) or whatever else. I'm starting my new year with objectives like I must get a webcam so I can start vlogging and I must spend more time with my babies (my doggies).

So, over the Christmas and New Year holidays there was one product I was very impressed with. I must admit when I first got it, I thought 'yeah, yeah, just another mascara'. However, good things really do come in small packages;

This is a mini mascara by Bourjois, called Volume Glamour in Ultra Black. There a few things I love about this product;

1. It really does give you volumised glamourous lashes.
2. The size, because mascara should be changed every 3 months because of the build up of bacteria, this size is perfect and you don't feel awful throwing it out because you've not wasted anything.
3. The cute mobile phone hook thing, love it! Perfect in case of an emergency and it's dangling off your phone.

Just to finish off, I know it's not make up related but I must show you something fabulous;

These rings belong to my sister, Gripse. I haven't seen anything like these anywhere on the High St. They will soon be available to buy, will keep you updated. However, if you just can't wait, message me or post a message on my wall and I'll get Gripse to contact you.

So, for now "it's been enotional". I need to go and get my daily fix of Celeb Big Bro.

Katia-sort out your grosse chipped nail polish! Urgh.



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