Sunday, 30 September 2012

Guest Post: Accentuating Your Beautiful Eyes

If you were to go about asking people what they think their best features were, you would surely get a lot of different answers. Some people are proud of their physical condition, and others would say that they think their hair is the most attractive thing about them. 

However, if you were to take such a survey, you might be surprised at just how many people say that their eyes are their best feature. Here’s the secret: eyes are simply pretty. People are attracted to things like gemstones and light, and really when you look closely at just about anyone’s eyes aren’t those the things that they look most like? A close-up of a person’s iris is usually a deep and beautiful thing, which is why so many people will tell you that their eyes are their best features. 

Still, it is not as if people are always up close to see the true beauty of your eyes. This is why so many women make efforts to accent their eyes through makeup and eyelashes – not in order to create beauty, but in order to emphasize existing beauty. So with that in mind, here are some of the top tips for showing off your eyes through beauty products.

• For blue eyes, many women find that using warm coloured eye shadow really helps to emphasize the natural colour of the eyes. Light brown and rose coloured eye shadow, for example, will lighten up the area around your eyes and truly make the blue of your eyes stand out. Combine these eye shadows with a darker coloured eyeliner, and your blue eyes should show up beautifully. 

• For brown eyes, you can also use other colours to set off the natural hue of your eyes, but it can be a bit trickier, as the colours are less neutral. For example, a bit of slight, tasteful blue eye shadow can definitely do the trick, as can a darker blue eyeliner. Brown eyes usually won’t show as brightly as blue or green ones, so one trick is to draw attention to your eyes in general rather than emphasizing colour. 

• For a more unique trick, you may also want to look here. Define contacts, which are designed specifically to show off the beauty of your eyes. Some people enjoy coloured contact lenses, but Define lenses are entirely different. Instead of changing the colour of your eyes, these lenses work on making your eyes shine a bit more brightly and show off their colour more effectively. A pair of lenses like these can be a great finishing touch for making your eyes look truly beautiful.

*This is a guest post. 
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