Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Best Body Butter, Lotion & Cream

The beauty industry is flooded with body creams, butters, balms, oils and lotions.

I have tried almost every brand of body cream, butter and lotion from cheap and cheerful Palmer's Cocoa Butter to Laura Mercier's Creme Brulee.

However, these are the three products I regularly re-purchase.

L - R: Liz Earle, KORRES, Davina Peace
I regularly use all of the products I am about to discuss, depending on where I'm going, what I am doing or which perfume I am wearing.

For everyday use, I truly adore Liz Earle's new Energising Body Lotion. I am a huge fan of the whole of the Energising range and the new body lotion really complements the range. It's perfect for me as an everyday product because it absorbs into my skin instantly and the invigorating scent really lifts my spirits. I love when I catch a sniff of the sweet orange oil throughout the day at work (which makes me want to eat jaffa cakes all the time). I hope Liz Earle will make this into a super size, I love it!Liz Earle products all contain natural ingredients, no nasties.

150ml tube costs £16.50

If I have a but more time in the mornings and before parties or a night out, I saturate my skin with the BEST body butter in the world, KORRES in Vanilla Plum or Guava. I also highly recommend the body butters as an after-sun cream, so soothing and nourishing. My skin is baby soft all day and night and the smell lingers all day long too. Vanilla Plum, Rose and Guava smell so good that I have forgotten to wear perfume and friends have commented asking what that glorious smell is. Korres body butters have no nasty or artificial ingredients.

KORRES Body Butters cost £12.50 from John Lewis or £12.00 from oliver bonas.

Finally, for the ultimate pampering experience, I sparingly use Davina Peace Body Cream. It's thick, indulgent and Organic. Regular use helps minimise appearance of cellulite (my pot is more of a treat rather than for everyday use). My skin is instantly smooth and silky. Stunning cream and the first for eco-luxury.

Davina Peace is available online and at Harrods, 175ml pot costs £55.00.

Monday, 21 February 2011


Trish’s NEW flawless lip colour has an innovative texture, which provides the coverage of lip colour with the feel of gloss, creating the perfect balance of colour and shine whilst keeping lips hydrated for a soft radiant finish.

Price £23

Stockists Harvey Nichols and Selfridges

Friday, 18 February 2011

ORLY'S mani minis in Boots

Nail expert’s best kept secret, ORLY is launching into Boots this March!

As a fun, functional and fashion forward brand, fall in love with ORLY’s vast selection of shades which have been captured into petite 5.3ml bottles. With 48 to choose from, there’s a colour for everyone. Their size means they fit perfectly into pockets and handbags, ideal for girls on the go. The collection includes the classic crèmes you will love all week to dazzling glitters for that special occasion, as well as mini versions of the much loved Bonder basecoat and brand new Polishield (3 in 1) Topcoat.
The 48 ORLY Mani Minis colours and 2 ORLY Mani Mini treatments will be available online from 8th March and will arrive in 54 Boots stores nationwide from 9th March 2011.

Price: £5 each.

Some of my fave colours;

Basket Case


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

NEWS FLASH! KORRES on Oliver Bonas

All of my friends know how much of a KORRES addict I am. Well, I'm happy to announce that I spotted KORRES products on one of my favourite gift websites, Oliver Bonas. I'm not sure how long it's been on there but who cares, it's there right and it's cheaper than in John Lewis (by around 50p - £1).

Everyone (guys and gals must try the Guava body butter, you'll become addicted like me, he he).

KORRES is also available here

Friday, 11 February 2011

NEWS FLASH: Make Up Not Space.NK

Super cool make up brand, Ellis Faas's bullet shaped beauty must-haves are launching into my favourite beauty destination, Space.NK on Tuesday 15th February!

I must admit, I'm not surprised because beauty Queen, Nicky Kinnaird knows a good brand and product when she sees one. I'm just so happy these beautifully packaged and superb quality products are more widely available for us gals.

For more information on Ellis Faas, visit or if you can't wait until next week for the launch in Space.NK, hot trot over to Liberty's and be prepared to full in love with the brand who believes in 'Make Up Not War'. Ahhhhh, what isn't there to like about these guys?


Friday, 4 February 2011

KORRES First Fragrance Collection

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful and talented Lena Korres, who unveiled the debut collection of glorious fragrances.

All four perfumes are free from synthetics and inspired by nature, each developed with a different leading perfume house and named simply for its dominant notes.

The formula

As part of an ongoing effort to eliminate potential exposure to polycyclic-musk (PCM), nitro-musk and phthalates, Korres has opted for a fragrance that is free of these synthetic non-biodegradable compounds that are widely used as fragrance fixatives and are known to cause irritations and bioaccumulation; Korres developed instead a formula, preserved with a natural food-grade antioxidant - Rosmarinus officinalis [rosemary].




TOP NOTES: pear, apple, bergamot

HEART NOTES: peony, jasmine, rose, patchouli, sage, peach

DRY OUT: amber, musk, sandalwood, vanilla

CHARACTER: intensely feminine, distinct character

Peony blossoms were believed to be the Olympian gods’ gift to Healers and were adored by mortals as a panacea.

The concise aura of the peony scent unveils a yet to be tamed character, reminiscent of the high mountains where this beautiful flower grows.

Derived from tropical climbing orchids, the vanilla pod is believed to awaken the senses and induce dreams of love.

A sublime ingredient with a distinctively sweet and seducing aroma.

Pear trees, heavy with sunborn juicy fruits and scents of joy; fruits that lose their rich taste as they ripen, yet become even more fragrant, releasing a long lasting aroma.

Also in the range of KORRES first fragrance collection;




The KORRES fragrances are available from March 1st and is sold in Liberty's and online at
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