Tuesday, 31 August 2010

What's in your shower?

Thought I'd invite you to have a look at what is sitting in my shower right now.

I highly recommend Liz Earle's shampoo and conditioner, I have been testing this out for two weeks and as well as the beautiful fresh smell, my hair feels squeaky clean and stays fresher for longer.

If you wax and suffer from ingrowing hairs and bumps then GiGi's No Bump Scrub is a must-have product! This is such a shower friendly product; from the easy to open pot to the light consistency of the actual product (so no blockages). I have only recently got into the routine of using this amazing product after a wax appointment with a new therapist. All girls who wax need this product in their bathroom, it's made such a huge difference for me.

If only you could smell the Original Source shower gel right now, it is the most delicious aroma of mint chocolate. I love slathering this all over myself, so I linger of mint chocolate afterwards. Scrumptious! I'm a huge fan of the packaging too, not only because it's easier to squeeze out every last drop of shower gel but also because it's environmentally friendly by using less packaging.

Cosmic Girl

Orly has launched the 'next generation' of nail polish - Cosmic FX. This range is infused with real crystals which give a seriously intense shine. There are six colours in the range with really cool names; Galaxy Girl, It's not rocket science, Out of this World, Halley's Comet, Lunar Eclipse and Space Cadet.

(Model Jade is wearing Space Cadet - my fave)

The illuminating effect is achieved through Orly's exclusive mineral fx technology. I haven't seen anything like these in any other brand. They shimmer all sorts of colours depending on the surrounding light.

Price: £9.50 each

They are 'Out of this World' and limited edition.

Friday, 27 August 2010


I was lucky enough to receive the Lash Enhancer I mentioned a few days ago - a product on my wish-list, from the lovely PR for Trish McEvoy.

I used it for the first time last night, so I'll keep you updated with my progress, apparently if I use it religously, I will see results within two weeks. I am so excited!

Above is a picture of my eyelashes at present. So, my journey for Megan Fox lashes begins here...

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Three of the best neon nail polishes

I love neon nail polishes and after a lot of testing, I've discovered my top three neon nail polishes.

(L-R: Essie's Pink Paprika, Orly's Passionfruit and Pixi in No.14)

   (Pixi in No.14)

These neons are my favourite colours, a selection of hot pink and coral. The Orly and Pixi brushes are the best, they glide on smoothly without leaving streaks.

Just to warn you, neons dry matte so use a high gloss topcoat such as Orly's Glosser or Seche Vite.

My Top Three Lip Balms

I have tried every lip balm on the market and here are my top three.

Nuxe Reve de Miel (Honey Lip Balm)

I am a huge fan of French brand 'Nuxe' and this Honey Lip Balm works wonders on my lips throughout the harsh Winter months (which seems to be all year round in England). The healing powers of honey and the freshness of grapefruit make this a must have for dry chapped lips. I also love the exfoliating feeling of Reve de Miel.

Perfect for: Dry, chapped lips and sensitive skin (as it's preservative free)

RRP: £10.00

 Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter

Yet another one of my favourite brands who produce some amazing products, Korres. I have a few of the lip butters in different handbags, my drawer at work and my bathroom because they come in the most  delicious assortment of flavours, my favourites are Mango and Pomegranate. They smell divine, have a gorgeous rich pigment of colour and are super moisturising.

Perfect for: Girls like me who need colour on lips at all times.

RRP: £6.00 (bargain)

    Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

When I was a make up artist, I got through so much Carmex because models and musicians loved it so much they would ask if they could have it. Carmex is a classic lip balm which has gained a cult following, it leaves lips feeling all cool and tingly and is a great lip primer. It was only available in original when I first discovered it around eight years ago and it's now available in cherry and strawberry flavours.

Perfect for: Base for lipstick, guys (because of the unisex packaging), chapped lips and it can also be used on cuticles. 

RRP: £2.49 (amazing value)


Monday, 23 August 2010

Bat for lashes with Trish McEvoy's Night time Lash Enhancer

What do most girls want more than a body like Megan Fox? Luscious, volumized eyelashes…like Megan Fox.

Trish McEvoy introduces a new Night time Conditioning Treatment which conditions, strengthens and maximises lashes.

Lashes lose fullness due to day-to-day wear-and-tear, make up removal and also the ageing process. Trish McEvoy’s Lash Enhancer uses highly potent SymPeptides, powerful proteins and moisturising ingredients which help condition, strengthen and nourish lashes.

How to use: Apply once nightly onto a clean, dry eye area. Apply a thin coat of Lash Enhancer to the roots of the lashes. Apparently, in just two weeks you will experience a 25% increase in volume.

FYI: Can also be used on brows.

I need to get my hands on this (technically, I need to get this product on my eyelashes) and test it out!

Liz Earle: The Earl of Cleansers

Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Liz Earle Starter Kit

I have been trying out the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Cleanser for the past week and it’s so good that one of my sisters has taken it from my bathroom because she absolutely adores it and my other sister who used it (and tried to take it) ended up buying her own starter kit.

This multi award winning British brand acknowledged the need for simple, fuss-free and natural products back in 1995 (when I was still at school).

Cleanse & Polish is a plant based cleanser, rich in naturally active ingredients with a 2 phase action system.

Phase 1 is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of make up, including my Mac liquid last eyeliner (which has amazing staying power).

Phase 2 is the polishing; the muslin cloth polishes skin and gently lifts dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin.

Two pumps of product is all you need

On the first night of using the cleanser, I instantly fell in love with this product. The smell of eucalyptus and hops (if only you could smell it right now) is so fresh and invigorating whilst the cocoa butter melted into my skin, making it feel silky smooth. These luscious natural ingredients make it a joyous experience each time I wash my face. I then removed the cleanser with the pure muslin cloth. The reason I used Eve Lom religiously for 9 years was partially due to the muslin cloth, which stimulates circulation and removes every last trace of make up, ensuring skin is left glowing and feeling squeaky clean.

The cleanser comes with step by step instructions which are great, as per the instructions I pumped the cleanser twice and initially thought that it wasn’t enough product. I was wrong; the foamy looking product was actually intensely creamy, not greasy like Eve Lom. My skin felt and smelled so fresh and clean afterwards.

Step by step instructions on how to use the product

A quote from my sister after using the cleanser for the first time, she said “I feel like I’ve got new skin. It’s incredible.”

I am so disappointed in myself that I didn’t discover this marvellous product sooner, I still can’t get over the amazing quality and the sweet price! It’s a winner all round – a make up it girl star product!

You will only find plant oils in this cleanser, no mineral oils, paraffin wax or petroleum.

Liz Earle does NOT test on animals.

The starter kit I tested out includes; travel carry case, 100ml cleanser and two muslin cloths.

100ml starter kit costs £13.00 and is available from www.lizearle.com or John Lewis stores.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Cleanse & Polish for Hair by Liz Earle

Yesterday I had the ultimate beauty addict fix of actually meeting Liz Earle, co-founder of cult skincare brand 'Liz Earle'.

What a lovely, modest and inspiring woman, it's so rare for someone of such grand success to stay so grounded. Anyway, Liz arrived at the flagship store in Chelsea to visit her team who were presenting the launch of the long awaited shampoo and conditioners.

Liz Earle has kept things simple and non-fussy, which is perfect for someone as impatient as myself. The Botanical Shine Shampoo is basically the 'Cleanse & Polish' for hair, designed for all skin and hair types with nourishing botanical ingredients. The fascinating aspect about this shampoo is that it is SLS and SLES free (surfectants or just the foaming agent to us non-science folk), basically the surfectants are responsible for the foaming effect most shampoos give you. However, Liz's clever team have used a cleansing agent derived from coconut ensuring hair is left squeaky clean but you still get the foamy effect, which most of us are used to. I have tried SLS and SLES shampoos in the past, such as Phyto and I couldn't get used to the lack of foam, even though foam doesn't mean it's cleaning your hair, it's a pyschological thing for me, I like my shampoo to foam. The shampoo smells extremely fresh due to the orange and apple extracts, which are responsible for the shine.

The conditioners intrigued me too, they work in harmony with the shampoo and treat hair according to your specific needs. There are three types of conditioner; for Normal, Dry/Damaged and Oily hair. Each conditioner contains 95% natural ingredients. I was most curious about an ingredient called Yangu,I have never heard of it before, turns out it's from Kenya, it's pressed by hand and is precious for it's moisturising properties. As a result of using Yangu in the conditioner, the forest tribe community collecting Yangu by hand (80% being women), are able to support their families and send their children to school as well as preserve the local flora and fauna associated with them.

Tonight, I will be testing out the Botanical Shine Shampoo and the Botanical Shine Conditioner for Normal Hair. The key moisturising ingredient in the Normal Hair Conditioner is Meadowfoam, which is a seed grown ethically in Oregon. I'll write up my review tomorrow and take some pictures.

(L - R: Shampoo for all hair types and conditioners for normal, dry/damaged and oily hair)

Some of the primary ingredients in the conditioners, such as Meadowfoam, Shea Butter and Yangu

Paul & Joe on Shine Control Patrol

I usually have to fake glowing skin with tinted moisturiser, nuxe dry oil, highlighters, you name it and I've faked my glow with it. However, I'm prone to an oily nose (depending on hormones) and an oily nose is not hot! I desperately needed a solution and I discovered it in the form of Paul & Joe Blotting Paper.

I tend to get a shiny nose throughout the day and the last thing I want to carry around is a pot of loose powder or a compact loose powder where I’m transferring oil from face to brush/sponge and back onto the actual powder.

(Clean sheet)

(used sheet - sorry if it grosses you out, had to show you how amazing these are)

The Paul & Joe Blotting Paper is a hygienic way of controlling shine anywhere and wherever you are. It comes in a pretty cute compact with a mirror! It makes me want to pull it out of my bag all the time, even just to top up my lipgloss. I also love how it’s refillable, it’s so adorable.

Every girl needs one of these in their life! A Make Up It Girl Star Product!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Battle of the lashes: Day 4

(Avon Super Full Mascara)

Yesterday I put my final Avon mascara - Super full through the battle of the lashes test. I must admit I wasn't particularly wowed by this one, especially in comparison to how good the other Avon mascaras proved to be. However, I think this mascara is more suitable for longer finer eyelashes rather than mine, which are short, sparse and thin.

With the Super full mascara I used two coats to get the above results, which is a magnificent difference to my bare eyelashes, it dried very quickly too, which wasn't to good when applying my second coat. However, the speedy drying time is perfect for those with limited time to do their make up or if you're on the go (for girls like most of my friends who do their make up in the car).

It didn't flake throughout the day but when rubbing my eyes my eyelashes did slightly bend in different directions because they were so stiff. Again, the stiff nature of this mascara is perfect for those normal people who don't continuously rub their eyes throughout the day (unlike me).

For me, the most appealing aspect of the Super full mascara was how easily it came off when I washed my face, I could roll it off with my fingers rather than having the usual black smudges around my eyes.

My scores for Avon's Super full mascara;

Instant result factor: 5/10
Durability: 6/10
Removal: 8/10

Best for: Long fine eyelashes.

Overall score for Avon's Super full mascara is 6/10.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Battle of the lashes: Day 3

(Avon Super extend mascara)

This week I have been testing out different mascaras that claim different things. So far, they have all been impressive (my favourite being the Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara). However, Avon isn't a brand I would usually go for but after trying out some of their mascaras, I am definitely a convert.

I tried out the Super extend mascara today and like it says, it definitely did extend my poor excuse for lashes.The brush was quite thin, especially in comparison to the Super shock mascara, however, don't let the size of the brush fool you, it did its job very well. Throughout the day, my eyelashes did start to look a bit flakey but the length was still there.

Removing it is the same as every other mascara, bit messy but I guess that's a minor flaw considering the results you get.

My scores for Super extend;

Instant result factor: 7/10
Durability: 6/10
Removal: 5/10

Best for: (short thick) lashes that just need length.

Overall score for Avon's Super extend mascara is 6/10.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Battle of the lashes: Day 2

Today I tried out the Avon Supershock mascara, I must say I am very impressed. I have a few Avon mascaras to go through but I was particularly drawn to the chubby tube of Supershock, I like the huge brush and the actual mascara product, which isn't thick or cloggy.

(Avon Supershock Mascara)

I found that my eyelashes did stay volumised like this all day, they didn't 'drop' like some mascaras. As I've said before, I'm always rubbing my eyes and this mascara did flake onto my face. However, today was a bit of a traumatic day because my dog was stung by an evil wasp, which resulted in me crying and I was so relieved that a. my dog was ok and b. I didn't have mascara running all down my face.

I found that washing it off was a bit of a drama, I recommend an oil based eye make up remover to remove all traces of it, it left a bit of a black mess on my face whilst washing it off, like most mascaras do.

My scores for Avon Supershock;

Instant result factor: 9/10
Durability: 8/10
Removal: 5/10

I will definitely buy, recommend and use this again, especially if I'm on a budget.

Overall score for Avon's Supershock mascara is 7/10.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Battle of the lashes: Day 1

Unlike some of my siblings, I haven't been blessed with super long voluptuous lashes, my lashes are fine and short, which makes me a perfect case study for a lot of mascaras which claim to volumise and lengthen lashes.

I have a few mascaras to try out as well as some false eyelashes (from Ardell). This is day 1 of my mascara testing.

(L: Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara R: Mac Zoomlash Mascara)

I am so impressed with the Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara, you can see the dramatic difference in this picture, this is with just one coat. The best part about this mascara for me is how it didn't budge, I use eye drops throughout the day and rub my eyes, with other mascaras I ended up with flakes under my eyes. Also, considering it didn't move throughout the day, it washes off so easily, it sort of peels off in tiny tubes rather than big black smudges of make up all around your eyes.

My scores for Trish McEvoy;

Instant result factor: 9
Durability: 9
Removal: 9

My scores for Mac Zoomlash;

Instant result factor: 8
Durability: 6
Removal: 5
The Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara wins today's the battle for lashes with an overall score of 9/10, sorry Mac Zoomlash. You're good, but Trish is better.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Korres 'Smokin' Autumn/Winter Collection

Smoky eyes will never ever go out of make up fashion, in fact dramatic smoky eyes are my statement look when I'm out partying with my girls. For years,my friends have always asked me to give them 'smoky eyes' when I do their make up for a night out (yes, you know who you are;Vikki, Leanne, Jade et al).

There is something very sensual about this look and the new Autumn/Winter collection by Korres introduces natural metallic browns and golden tones with natural ingredients such as Evening Primrose and Rice Oil.

(L - R: Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadows in Brun, Golden Brown and Nude)

(From Top - Bottom: Brun, Golden Brown and Nude)

My favourite colour is Golden Brown, I describe it as black gold, it's gorgeous on and can honestly say I haven't come across a colour eye shadow like this in such good quality. I will be using this with heavy black eyeliner.

(Guava Lipstick)

I tend to always go for nude lips (makes them look bigger) but also because I can focus on my blusher (my key make up must have) and eye make up. This smells divine and is so moisturising, the colour is also great for all skin colours. Love it! My sister thinks she is going to get this from me. No way!

(Luminous finish velvety blush)

This blush glides on like velvet because of the Corn starch powder particles, colour is like a bronzer, I actually used this as a bronzer today with pink blush on top. Beautiful.

So girls, get set, get ready and go for some smoky eyes.

Monday, 2 August 2010

amie - a girl's new BFF

Profile of my tester who used the amie skincare range for a week;

Name: Sarah Khan
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Skin Type: Normal- Dry
Usual products: I normally use Finders dermabalance face moisturiser, Clean and Clear facial wash, Eve Lom cleanser.

For the past week, I have been using the Amie skincare product range, specifically designed for young and teenage skin. Being 17 years old and with so many different skin care products on the market, Amie makes choosing the right products much easier. I have found that previously, whilst some skins products promise clearer skin within a certain amount of time it has had the opposite effects, such as breakouts instead of "perfect" skin. Amie skincare has an average of 95% natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals or parabens.

In the morning, I started with Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash. The face wash promises really clean skin that feels soft and smooth, and this is exactly how my skin felt afterwards. My skin felt completely refreshed and hydrated and I find it is perfect for everyday use as with no harsh chemicals or parabens it can only produce good results. I used the facial wash both morning and night as the oil excess and dirt from the day is removed.

After using the Purifying Facial Wash, I then moisturised with Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser. The first thing I noticed was how refreshingly light the moisturiser was and it really complements the Facial Wash as your skin still feels soft and smooth, if not more so, after application of the moisturiser. My face didn't look shiny either, yet it felt hydrated. This matte effect of this moisturiser makes it a good base for my tinted moisturiser.

The Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask is directed to be used only once or twice a week. On appication, after about 2-3 minutes I felt a light tingling sensation from the organic peppermint which was intensified over time. The fresh, lime smell of the mask also added to its appeal It feels like an indication of the deep cleansing working and after 10 minutes, I washed the face mask off and the cooling sensation still lasted! I'd advise that you only apply a thin layer as it can take a while to wash off but the results felt almost immeadiate- my skin felt the softest and most refreshed than it had before.

At night time, before washing my face I like to remove my eye make up beforehand as the eye area is too sensitive to rub make up off with just face wash. I used Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover by applying some of the product to a cotton wool pad. I have previously used eye make-up remover products that have made my eyes sting but the gentle formula of Amie's ensured this didn't happen. Instead, my eyes felt cleansed and my eye make-up was removed in just a few swipes. With each swipe, my eye area were cooled and throughly cleansed.

Exfoliating your skin is important in the removing of dead skin cells and deeply cleansing your pores to prevent spots. Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish is indicated to be used once or twice a week. I chose Sunday and Wednesday so that my skin is refreshed for a new week and then a mid week cleanse.I applied the product onto my face and as directed, massaged in circular movements. I did this for about 2 minutes and then washed it off with warm water. This product literally does polish your skin: my skin felt smooth and removed of all dirt leaving it feeling soft and looking clear.

Amie Skin Care is pure and natural beauty in it's truest form. After the week, my skin has never looked so clear and bright! Natural products with no harsh chemicals or parabens and an average of 95% natural ingredients. The affordable price makes it appealing for me on a part time job wage, whilst the use of ethical products ensures a safe  environment. It's fair to say, my Amie week has become my permanent skin care routine.

Thank you Sarah for this thorough review.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Make up that works from 9 - 5

I don't know about you but I find if I ever wear eye shadow/colour for work, by midday my eyelids have absorbed every last pigment of colour and all I'm left with is my Liquidlast liner (which doesn't budge at all- amazing).

Trish McEvoy acknowledged the need for products for women (like me) who are always on the go with work, meetings and networking, who not only need  multiple use products, but products that stay on your face all day long.

(L - R: Eye base essentials, Lash curling mascara, 24 hour eye shadow/liner and line refiner)

I love Mac's greasepaint sticks but they never stay put unless I use a pigment powder on top. I tried out the Trish McEvoy 24 hour Eye Shadow and Liner in a lovely bronze/gold colour.

This is a really easy to use product, perfect for yor handbag and it lasted all day from 7:30am until 6pm. So impressed with the quality, that was without the eye base. The eye base can be worn alone to brighten eyes or underneath eye shadow to lock it into place. If, like me you have naturally dark eyelids, the eye base is a perfect base for a light/bright eyeshadow to make it really stand out.


My favourite product is the lash curling Mascara. I suffer from itchy eyes and I'm always rubbing them, which usually results in flakes of mascara or smudged eyes, this mascara didn't budge, it made my eyelashes feel like they had been hairsprayed into curls, I'm not sure how it does it but it definitely does curl. What I like best about this product is the way it comes off in little tubes when you wash your face, no more panda eyes.

Trish, you've done well here. Keep it going.

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