Tuesday, 16 February 2010

SUQQU Stretch Face Mask

Lately, my skin has been feeling so neglected.

I never ever go to bed without washing my face and I make sure every scrap of make up is removed (with Eve Lom) but my skin needed a major 'lift' and boost of goodness. I was really excited about trying out the SUQQU refined flow stretch mask.

Yes, I look like Mike Myers from Halloween (I even scared myself when I looked in the mirror) but there is only one word for this face mask - AMAZING!

It reminds me of the SK II Pitera face mask, which has the same concept but the difference with the SUQQU one (apart from the ingredients) is that it has two flaps that hang down near the jawline and you lift them up to your temples-giving your face a 'lift'.

So, a bit of blurb about the face mask. It's described as an Intensive Skin-tightening and Anti-ageing Treatment, inspired by SUQQU's signature Gankin massage technique. The mask is designed to tighten the skin and sharpen the face line, counteracting sagging skin with key active ingredients.

An ingredient called Lactic Bacterium Whey extract improves skin discolouration and dullness from deep within the skin.

My skin was baby soft (even the day after) and my make up glided on effortlessly. My face definitely felt lifted! I even used the left over serum in the sachet and massaged it into my skin before I went to sleep (I'm scraping out the remains from the sachet and using them very sparingly). It is a wonder mask and super serum! Love it.

I've recommended a few of my friends who are getting married to get some of these before their big day. I know some brides worry about having abrasive facials so something like the SUQQU mask is perfect!

Just try not to scare anyone when wearing.


Monday, 8 February 2010

OMG it's RMK

I've always been a fan of RMK cosmetics, I love the Japanese heritage, the sleek, quirky, shiny packaging and of course the super cool products.

Rumiko, the founder of RMK has created this range with regular women in mind; make up that is easy to use and apply, not tricky or designed for make up artists use only. It's 'comfortable' make up, if that makes sense, you can buy the products and recreate the same look at home and on a daily basis- simple.

So, I'm loving the Ingenious Powder Eyes in metallic green, check it out;

It's a real sparkler and is major hot on top of a matte black eyeshadow.

I also love this trio;

These three colours are in one palette, which is amazing. The coral really compliments the dark chocolate brown for Kim Kardashian eyes. I love how you get these three colours together -staple colours for any beauty junkie's make up bag.

These are so easy to use, they're not highly pigmented which is great for newbies learning to do eye make up, so you just apply more and more as you go along rather than trying to have to rectify any mistakes.

I want to try the ingenious pencil eyeliner and the gel eyeliner next, so will give my opinion on those next time.



Taste (well they look) just like candy..

If you didn't already guess, that line is from Foxy Brown's infamous tune 'Candy'.

I must admit that my obsession lately has been with nail colour, I just find that the brighter they are, the more they cheer me up on a depressing Wintery day (which we've been having loads of).

I have a few things to share with you beauty junkies out there. Let's start with a hot line up of Orly's Sweet collection of nail polishes (not even out yet)!!

My favourite is Pixie Stix (the coral pink) and Cotton Candy (the candy floss pink). I just LOVE pinks and corals and these hit the spot for me, they are rich creamy colours too, you can get away with just one coat of colour. The green (gumdrop) is like the Chanel's Jade that sold out last year, it's so hot with a gliitery polish on top (will take some pics tomorrow and will post on fb) and the yellow (lemonade) has been predicted as a hot trend for Spring/Summer 2010.

I love when my nails are manicured and polished, I feel so horrible when they're not and something like a nail polish or lipstick can make you feel so much better-a real confidence booster!

These gorgeous candy colours aren't out yet, but I've been told they'll be available from March.

Give in to your sweet tooth, without the sugar ;)


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