Friday, 22 October 2010

The day I met the Queen… of Eco-Luxury

On Wednesday, the gorgeous Priya of Beautywowsa invited me to a beauty event showcasing a brand new, luxury and organic Body Care and candle range - Davina Peace. So I hot trotted over to meet the lady herself - Davina Peace (yes, it is her real name).

Davina is of striking beauty and has an amazing calming presence, as soon as she walked into the room; all eyes were on this gorgeous lady in a red dress with a supermodel figure (if that figure is the result of her new body cream, I’ll need to stock up). It’s hard to believe that this beautiful woman was once very ill, during this period of ill health; she decided to re-evaluate her lifestyle, exploring nutrition and organic beauty products.

None of the eco brands Davina discovered could offer a pampering indulgent experience. They all had the traditional herbaceous smell associated with eco products. So, you can imagine my reaction when I heard the words eco and luxury in the same sentence to describe this exquisite range..I knew I just had to try it out and come and meet Davina myself to learn more.

Me and Davina

I discovered that Davina has always had a passion for nature, beauty and the environment; add this with years of experience working on beauty brands at Saatchi and it was her destiny to create something as unique as an eco-luxury beauty range.

The Davina Peace range is the first of its kind within the beauty sector- offering luxury organic products which are environmentally and socially responsible with 70% organic ingredients, and if they’re not organic then they are fair trade.

This is an indulgent luxury organic range, which is a first of its kind with active ingredients that deliver. The products will pamper, protect and cocoon (love that word) the skin and all fragrances are created using 100% organic essential oils.

I love learning about new ingredients (as well as being careful not to use animal ingredients because I’m vegetarian and Muslim) and I was fascinated to learn about an ingredient exclusive to the Davina Peace range, it’s a vegetable substitute to Silicone called Crambe Oil (cultivated in the UK in a secret location, may have to google map the pod cast to find it’s location- just joking Davina).

Crambe Oil has a unique characteristic which delivers the silky texture of a luxury product without synthetic silicones, whilst plumping and smoothing skin.

I tested the body cream on my arms and it melted on my skin like butter and absorbed immediately, leaving my arms smooth and I could still smell the scent on the train home. I haven’t had a chance to have my pampering session yet (not with my new puppy who needs attention like a baby) but once I have tried out the products I was generously given, I’ll write a full review.

Even the packaging of the products is recyclable, including gold branding on the (recyclable frosted glass bottle) body oil, but at the same time, the packaging is the epitome of luxury, which sits elegantly the bathroom.

I noticed something else about the packaging, the ingredients have been translated into English (with Latin underneath), it is part of the law to have ingredients listed in Latin, I don’t understand why because who speaks Latin these days? Davina is so open and honest that she wants to show us that all the ingredients are natural and not disguised as something else in Latin, I love how she ends the ingredients list with “and that’s all”.

Products within the Body Care range:

Body Cream for nourishing, smoothing and toning.

Body Oil which is enriched with anti-ageing properties and protects skin.

Hand Cream which softens, rejuvenates and hydrates skin on hands.

The candles within the home range are stunning and I can still smell the scent of Spiced Punch, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I can imagine burning this whilst sitting on a beautiful cosy rug in front of a log fire (not that I’ve experienced this..yet). I am very particular about candles because I don’t like the synthetic smell some have. However, the Davina Peace candles are made from 100% eco wax and do not contain synthetic fragrances, but even better, the handmade Japanese porcelain packaging is re-usable. There are currently three candles in the home range collection, which have all been inspired from some of Davina’s fondest memories.

The Davina Peace range has been snapped up by Harrods (now those guys know luxury when they see it) and will be available in store from 1st November or online at

“and that’s all”


  1. The body cream looks lush and you're both gorgeous.


  2. Ahhh, thanks! She is such a lovely lady too.

  3. She is a lovely lady, was fortunate enough to meet her a number of years ago when she worked in advertising and it was so refreshing to meet someone so warm and at the same time, so professional. Such a rarity in this day and age.

    I hope that her company goes from strength to strength and that your blog Farrah continues to show your skills and highlight your knowledge.
    All the best to both of you.


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