Sunday, 26 June 2011

News in Tweet: Good skin made easy with Lubatti

My philosophy is if your skin looks good, everything looks good! Good skin is the foundation of looking fabulous. My new favourite find is making it easy for us gals to have good skin.

When you buy Madame Lubatti's Gorgeous Day Moisturiser with Orange and Jojoba, you will get the Dreamy Night Cream with Mango and Avocado FREE (worth £35.00). It's like mango scented whipped cream for your face.

Just slathered some on my face and neck in prep for bedtime. I am definitely going to buy some, my sachet sample is running out. I LOVE!

Offer ends soon so hurry.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Charlie's Angels Hair by WAHL

I'm sure I've told you this already, but in case I haven't or if you've ma named me Farrah after Farrah Fawcett, one of the original Charlie's Angels. 

My ma LOVED that TV show and me being an 80's child, I was the next child in line who came at the right time so my ma could give me that name (I'm one of nine in case you didn't know that already). 

Although I wasn't destined to have the original Farrah's blue eyes and blonde locks, I was blessed with a mane of hair, which I can style into Farrah Fawcett flicks...thanks to WAHL's 3 in 1 Hot Air Styler.

I was previously using a Babyliss hot air styling wand, which just wasn't powerful enough for my thick hair. The WAHL hot air tool comes with 3 styling nozzles, which allows you to straighten, curl and dry hair with one tool! Just what I need, who can really be bothered carrying around a number of different tools to style your hair?! Perfect for holidays, travel, hair  techs and Make Up Artists.

It's powerful at 1200w and has two heat settings as well as two speed settings.



Monday, 20 June 2011

Japan's Finest - Shiseido

For those of you who know me personally, you'll know I LOVE Japanese brands and products made in Japan...

Shiseido is one of my most coveted brands, the skincare and cosmetics are creative and technologically advanced and have been since 1888, when Shiseido founder, Yushin Fukuhara introduced Japan's first toothpaste!

The brand is enriched with an ultra-glam heritage, favoured by Japanese royalty in the 19th Century to make up artists all over the world today. The brand name alone is synonymous with excellent quality products. 

It was important for me to give you a brief overview about Shiseido (I always do that with brands I love and highly rate) because for the past 4 weeks, I have been using the Aromatic Sculpting Gel, a new anti-cellulite gel from Shiseido.

The Aromatic Sculpting Gel is a highly concentrated sculpting (and anti-ageing) body cream that fights fat build up, cellulite and ageing effects.

It's light and cooling, it sinks into skin instantly and then you're left with a wonderful cool tingly feeling, which psychologically makes me think it's boosting the circulation in my thighs.

Effective Ingredients

- Sculpting Plant Comples
- Microcirculation-Improving Complex
- Fagus Sylvatica Extract
- Houttuynia Cordata Extract
- Aromachological Fragrance

The gel is formulated with the above ingredients to promote the expression of Uncoupling Protein (UCP) and the production of collagen.

The Aromachological Fragrance: Kuroho

Originally made by blending natural premium ingredients into a paste, this ancient Japanese fragrance has been treasured by aristocrats for over 1,000 years. It smells so fresh yet lasts like a perfume, truly wonderful.

The results

I have been using this very sparingly because it is quite expensive and I was using it only on target areas. I have already noticed my 'target areas' are smoother and more plump. I think I would have even more impressive results if I had used it as per the instructions, from ankles up to thighs....but I was being tight. Oops.

My 'trouble area' on my thigh after 4 weeks
I would love to have this product in a super-size, so I could use it all over, everyday!

The Price

RRP: £45.50

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Amazon Series: Part 1, Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner

The Amazon rainforest has always fascinated me, I remember watching a nature documentary (think it was David Attenborough's Human Planet series). It amazed me how the people of the rainforest have learned and inherited so much knowledge about the wonders of their environment, such as how to use plants medicinally.

When I stumbled across new boutique website NUUSUITE, the haircare brand Amazon Series instantly caught my attention. Each product in the Amazon Series line contains extracts from many of the Amazon Rain Forest's amazing plants and fruits.

What I love most about this brand is how it is challenging the world to learn more about the health benefits of natural vegetation. These amazing fruits and plants contain antioxidants, vitamins and intense moisturising  properties which have the capacity to eliminate free radicals whilst being completely natural.

I have been using the MuruMuru Anti-Frizz Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner (and also the Acai oil, which will be a separate post because it's so'll be throwing out your Moroccanoil once you've read about it).

MuruMuru Butter is proven to repair hair's lipid barrier and intensely restore moisture. The shampoo and conditioner does not contain any sulfates or parabens and has worked wonders on my thick, long and wavy hair.

The shampoo lathers up really nicely, I only needed a 50p sized amount for the whole of my hair and the smell........?! The smell is DIVINE! The acai berry scent fills the whole of your bathroom and is infused in my hair until the following day or two. Nothing else compares, I promise you.

Amazon Series haircare is only available in the UK from NUUSUITE , so go get de-frizzed!


£12.99 each

Some facts on the Amazon Rainforest (which I borrowed from a brilliant website, studies in the amazon, read more here) Thank you.

More than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rainforest. This has earned the area the name “The Lungs of the Planet.”

– The Amazon Basin holds one-fifth of the world’s fresh water.

– Five hundred years ago, an estimated 10 million natives lived in the Amazon rainforest. Today, fewer than 700,000 survive.

– As a result of rainforest destruction, approximately half the world’s species of plants, animals and insects will be destroyed in the next 25 years.

– In Brazil, colonists have destroyed over 90 indigenous tribes since the 1900’s. This not only is the destruction of people, but of their cultures, and accumulated knowledge, including that of medicinal plants.

– Most medicine men and women and shamans remaining in the Amazon Rainforest are 70 years old or more. Each time one dies, a vast body of knowledge is lost.

– Most of the shamans today do not have apprentices. So when a shaman dies, thousands of years of accumulated knowledge come completely and irreversibly to an end.

– More than half the world’s approximately 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in the tropical rainforests.

– Rainforests once covered an estimated 14 percent of the Earth’s surface. They now cover less than 6 percent. At current rates of loss, the rainforests will be completely gone in 40 years.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sleeping Beauty

A while ago, I read an article in one of the glossies about the many benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, a secret those sly celebs kept to themselves. 

I have just recently started using a silk pillowcase from Silk Perfect  and I will never go back to sleeping on cotton again.

Awww, yummy chocolate. 
When we sleep, our skin cells renews themselves, our bodies are recharged..and sleeping on 100% silk pillowcases helps to keep skin and hair smooth.

When sleeping on my cotton pillowcase, sometimes I would wake up with the odd crease on my face (usually across my forehead and left cheek) and with crazy banshee bed hair. Since, sleeping on my new silk pillowcase, my skin looks smooth and I haven't had any breakouts. My hair is also more manageable, which means less time trying to smooth it in the morning. Actually, overall, I have found myself sleeping a little more as I need less time to get ready....yes, just call me sleeping beauty.

The back of the case is cotton to prevent the pillowcase slipping

If you want to upgrade to silk pillowcases, go to where you can buy two SilkPerfect Pur pillowcases for the price of one (£22 for two).

I have ordered some for my husband (as he moaned about not having one when he saw mine) and for my good friend Pippa, who has been complimenting me on my 'glowing skin' this week (thanks to my new pillowcase).

I have to put another order in, so hurry before I buy them all. He he he.

How to care for your silk perfect pillowcase

* Wash every 1-2 weeks on a 30 degree silk cycle, low heat.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Say NO to Skin Cancer with COVER FX

Throughout June, if you 'like' the COVER FX facebook page, 25p will be donated to Skin Cancer Research. So, go get 'liking' and please share with all of your friends to help raise lots of money....and stay safe in the sun, always wear an SPF.

Scan the code below to be directed straight to the COVER FX facebook page.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Blushers Collection

LOVE vegan brand, Tarte Cosmetics, wish it was available in the UK.

I have to stock up when I'm in America.

L - R: Tipsy, Amused and Dollface

NEWS in Tweet

As you can see, I have developed an addiction to OCC Lip Tars.

Friday, 10 June 2011

NEWS in Tweet

LOVE this shampoo and conditioner packaging from Italian brand, Davines.

Photography by Leon and Deb Summers.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

WIN! Bright, Even Skin with Fade Out Skincare

Have you seen the new and improved Fade Out Skincare range in Boots? If not, read on...

The advanced (yet affordable) range of products solves and prevents pigmentation problems such as hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots and sun spots.

The products, which are infused with highly powerful active naturals such as mulberry, works in three ways;

PREVENTS melanin from reaching the upper layers of the skin.

CORRECTS target areas where there is hyperpigmentation/skin discolouration/age spots/sun spots.

DEFENDS through enhancing the cell renewal process.

Two of my highly valued readers can win a Fade Out skincare Set (day cream, night cream and eye cream!)

Day Cream: Protects, care and brightens skin. Specially formulated with SPF 15, skin is protected from both the ageing darkening effects of the sun.

Night Cream: Nourishes and revitalizes skin while brightening complexion. The rich formula works overnight to nourish and hydrate the skin helping repair from within.

White Anti-Shadow Brightening Eye Cream: A tinted eye cream specially formulated with light reflecting particles to instantly hide imperfections. Enriched with Vitamin A to hydrate and assist the production of collagen helping skin appear firmer.

All you have to do is, tell me (either by commenting below, tweeting at me or post on my facebook page) what would you fade out? Could be a trend, a celeb, a work mate...feel free to let it all out.

Giveaway ends Friday 17th June at midday.

Pharrell and Jessica Biel in the new Revlon advert!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

News in Tweet

If you know your make up, then you will know FACE Stockholm which means you need to know you can only buy it from one place only in the UK, at

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mehndi just got couture

Last week, I met the super-talented, modest Mehndi Maestro and the World’s fastest Henna Artist, Pavan Ahluwalia.


At just 24-years-old, Pavan has already worked with celebrities like Sugababes, Alesha Dixon and high profile clients such as Selfridges, Sky, STAR TV and the BBC, who have been drawn to her revolutionary methods of incorporating details like glitter, diamante, bindis and coloured body paint into her fusion of bespoke designs.

Alesha Dixon

First of all, Pavan doesn’t even look 24, but even more shocking is that she immersed herself into the world of henna and design from the tender age of seven, she went professional six years ago and today is one of the UK’s leading henna artists.

I was mesmerised by her portfolio of stunning creations, all crafted by hand either straight onto the body or placed carefully onto delicate materials to then be worn. I would love to have one of these creations applied to my body for a special occasion (shame I’ve already had my wedding).

Pavan is also the Guinness Book of World Records holder for being the fastest in her trade. In just one hour she painted a staggering 314 armbands – where each design had to be different from the other – beating the previous record by a mind-blowing 100 armbands. (To be able to create 314 different designs alone deserves another Guinness Book of World Records award!!)

Pavan regards her Guinness World Record for fastest henna designer as her greatest professional achievement to date, and has ambitious plans present henna designing to a wider audience and take the art to the next level.

With a multi-cultural clientele, Pavan’s creative potential is infinite. She transforms her intricate patterns into breathtaking works of art and even recreates her extraordinary designs on scarves and shawls.

MY FAVE!! I want this done!

Each original design is carefully weaved into the fabric and embellished with beads and diamantes to create a distinctive and stylish look, also to be retailed nationally. She extends her henna art to canvas painting as well. Painting on commission, her bespoke artwork creates an individual contemporary statement with ethnic charm.
Her impressive ability to fulfil the diverse and often challenging needs from her clients and the fast efficient pace in which she works, makes her one of the most sought after henna artists in the country, particularly with brides.

Sugababe Jade

I can totally foresee a full fashion feature in Vogue, Tatler or Harper’s with Pavan’s unique work. This is what I love about Pavan, her versatile skill and creativity translates across traditional asian brides to haute couture fashion.

Pavan will also be launching exclusive Henna master classes soon, so keen an eye out on her website if you want to share her knowledge and secrets on how to become a Henna Master Artist. (I will definitely be signing up!!!!)

I would snap up the opportunity to work with Pavan now or invest in some of her artwork because this young lady has a big and bright future ahead of her.

For more information on Pavan and to see the full gallery of her unique designs visit,


Friday, 3 June 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow with the future of laser hair removal

You guys know how I LOVE discovering new products and beauty innovations right?

Well, I have something life changing to tell you. First of all, I want to ask you a few questions...

Do you HATE body hair? (I DO, with a passion!!!)

Do you HATE threading, shaving, waxing, epilating? (I DO, apart from my waxing sessions at STRIP salons)

Are all these methods of hair removal adding up and becoming a burden? (for me, YES, at £50 a pop for a bikini wax))

Do you want permanent hair reduction..that actually works (I DO)...on olive/asian/black skin?

Do you also want laser hair removal which DOESN'T require you shaving your face/body prior to treatment...and then having to slap on ultrasound gel when having treatment?

I went on a quest looking into different clinics and lasers to find THE BEST in permanent hair reduction...and guess what I have found it, thanks to my bridal MUA friend Raj Dhillon.

You may wonder why I have said permanent hair reduction rather than permanent hair removal. Well, the fact is there is nothing that will permanently remove hair, the skin is living, the follicles are living so as long as you're alive, your hair follicles are too. However, you can permanently reduce the hair and in some cases, some people have experienced no re-growth after 6 years (*someone I personally know).

Ok, Ok, I know you're getting impatient with my rambling and you just want to know, WHAT am I talking about?

I am talking about a laser (NOT light, which is what ipl is) from America which has recently just landed in the UK, the laser is called Naturalase. The woman responsible for changing my life (and many other dark haired ladies) is originally from Canada and has been using this machine for a long time, she brought it to the UK because she just couldn't comprehend why clinics here were using IPL on asian/darker skin. 

There is a lot of technical information, which I can go into it if you would like me to (just email me/tweet at me/post a comment on my facebook page).

I had a treatment on Wednesday and I wish I took a before picture to show you how amazing this laser is.

First of all, I didn't have to shave my hair which I had to for my treatment with the Soprano laser and which you would do with IPL treatment.

Secondly, it doesn't hurt! The laser doesn't even touch your skin (so very hygienic too).

Thirdly, it blasts the hair follicles and turns the hair white so you know the laser has zapped you. I looked like a polar bear but it was so cool! The hair literally turned white before my eyes and then it breaks off or you can pull it out.

Can you see the hair has turned white (my hair is usually black)

Some people have only needed 3 sessions with this laser and haven't had re-growth worth lasering or even shaving. Every individual is different and hormones can affect treatments (eg, if you get pregnant you may experience major re-growth even though you didn't after your course of treatments). It's advised that you have regular top-up's throughout your life like once a year.

There are a few contraindications to consider which means you may not/will not be suitable for this laser, such as;

- If you are having glycolic peels
- Taking/have recently taken Acne medication

I can live with doing this every 2/3 months, I don't care. It's affordable, painless and I can see the results after every treatment!

For more information, email me at whether you're a salon/clinic and you want to use this laser (the lady I know is the UK/India/Dubai distributor so you would have to go through her) or if you are like me and HATE body hair and want to get rid of it!

Philip Treacy who? Meet the new girl in Milliner's Town..Eva Carlo

Last night, my good friend Angie took me along to her good friend 'Eva Carlo's wonderful five senses exhibition at a gem of a store hidden away near Spitalfields Market, Precious London. It is THE destination boutique to visit if you love niche brands, it reminds me of Colette's in Paris.

Eva Carlo is an up and coming milliner (also perfume enthusiast if not expert) to watch out for and invest in (like I did at the exhibition *cough cough, naughty but hey, it's an investment like I said). Eva specialises in modern millinery by handcrafting bespoke couture hats and head pieces.

I was overwhelmed by her five senses collection, each piece was completely unique and had it's own story of inspiration....

Step 1, move hair aside in prep for your hat

Step 2, position carefully where you want it to sit

Step careful..very careful

Almost there..

If I didn't have such a big head and mop of hair this would have been so much easier's on..when is the next royal wedding?

I couldn't stop singing 'I like to ride my bicycle' everytime I looked at this

My beautiful friend Angie wearing her heart on her head

Eva Carlo, Perfume extraordinaire Angela Flanders and moi

MY...DVF bag..ahem

My first Eva Carlo piece...
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