Monday, 11 October 2010

National Chocolate Week

Anyone who knows me, knows that another passion in my life besides beauty products is chocolate! I literally get through a minimum of five bars per day (my favourites include Ripple, Minstrels, Wispa, Flake, Vintage Buttons and anything praline from Hotel Chocolat.

So, Hooray for National Chocolate Week which begins today, now I can get everyone at work to indulge with me. However, if you want to indulge without feeling guilty, check out Delice de Poudre by Bourjois, a bronzing powder with the look and fragrance of chocolate! I went to look for it in my local Boots but sadly they didn't have it, I'm guessing it's that great they sold out. Once I get hold of one, I'll let you know what it's like.

Have you got it or tried it? Would love to hear your comments.

So until I get my manicured paws on one of these, I'll be indulging on the real thing.


  1. I can not believe you eat 5 bars a day and keep that waist so trim...I am now hating you right now....:0(

  2. Ahh another reason to eat chocolate! I have this bronzer - I won it in a comp and I use it nearly everyday... I'm pretty sure it smells like chocolate too! xx

  3. I am defe going to go on the hunt for it now!

    Sam - the chocolate goes straight to my butt and thighs :(


  4. So jealous right now, if I ate 5 bars a day I would be HUUUGE!!

    Thank you so much for the goody bag. It was a lovely surprise this morning and I can't wait to try the products!! :)

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