Sunday, 24 October 2010

Make-Up Schools: Part One

I had an email through from a lovely girl who wants a career in make up but doesn’t know which route to take or which academy to go to.

I explained that my career path into make up was rather unconventional. While I was at college, I started working for Calvin Klein Cosmetics, then moved to Space.NK and eventually moved to London doing freelance make-up work for music videos, photo shoots, fashion shows and brides.

I must say, everything I know about make-up is as a result of experimenting with different brands, products, colours and also because of my passion for the beauty world. I remember my dad telling me that I loved lipstick before I could even walk and when I first started talking, I called lipstick – ‘licky-mouth’. When my ma would be in the bath, I would raid her beauty products, the chunky double ended Rimmel eye pencils, Avon lipsticks/gloss with the sponge applicator, which I doubled up as ‘rouge’ for my cheeks.

So, I was curious about what make-up schools are out there and what exactly can they offer? I know of the infamous ‘Greasepaint’ Academy and I met quite a few excellent Make-Up Artists who went there.

I contacted all of the Make-Up Schools I know about;

• Greasepaint

• AOFM (The Academy of Freelance Make Up

• Jemma Kidd Make Up School

• The Session School

• Cassie Lomas Make Up Academy

The schools which replied to my email;

• Greasepaint

• The Session School

I will give a brief overview of the schools who didn’t reply to my email, based on the information on their websites.

Today, I’ll begin with the innovator in make-up school.


Greasepaint has been established for over 30 years and was the first private make-up school in the UK. The tutors are all industry-based make-up designers with many years of teaching experience. The school prepares its students for working life as a make-up artist, whether for film, television, theatre or fashion. Studying here also has the benefit of work experience in the industry.


- Excellent industry connections

- Chance to gain work experience within the industry (TV/Film/Theatre/Fashion Shows)

- Former students have worked/are working on huge films like X-Men and Hunky Dory.

Greasepaint offers a range of courses make-up and hair for High Definition, TV, Film, Theatre and Fashion.

Make –Up Courses

- 20-week 5* Programme. This is the most popular course, which offers comprehensive training for today’s make-up artist industry. It combines training in make-up for HDTV, Film, Fashion and Theatre, including prosthetics, special effects and airbrushing techniques (I’ve always wanted to learn how to this type of make-up). All kits you require are included within the fee of this course.

Fee: Ranges from £14,500 - £15, 862.50 (depending on the time of year)

14-week HDTV, Film and Theatre Make-up and Hair (including prosthetic special effects.

Fee: Ranges from £7,800 - £9,500 (again, depending on the time of year).

- 1-week Airbrushing: This is such a must-have skill for today’s industry. It’s widely used in TV, film, fashion and beauty. This technique puts a fine layer of tiny, light-reflecting particles on the skin, producing a flawless finish. Equipment required is also included for this course.

Fee: £1,600+VAT

- 5-week Fashion Make-up and Hair (can also be taken as a weekend course). This is the course if you want to train for catwalk and photographic make-up.

Fee: £4,800 - £5,500 (depending on the time of year)

Requirements to study at Greasepaint: As long as you’re over 18, you can study any of the courses without previous experience because all courses begin with the basics.

Greasepaint certificates are recognised throughout the industry.

Open day: 5 February 2011

Tomorrow, I’ll cover The Session School.

Have I missed out any make-up schools?

Have you been to any of these schools?


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