Friday, 11 December 2009

Je'Taime Bourjois

Bon Soir,

Sorry, got a bit carried away with the whole French thing! So, the Clothes Show Live has came to an end (sad face). It was so much fun, I met some really cool people (The girls from Never Fully Dressed, Kim at 2Adorn, the Bourjois gals) and I got some great bargains too! I am definitely going on the last day next year, I couldn't believe how cheap stuff went, apart from the make up brush stand! I was not happy with them, the brushes are amazing and yeah they were a bargain, however, they bumped up their prices on the last day and I bought some for my mate (Lulu lost all the nice Chanel brushes I got her) after the woman on the stand said they won't be going down, then in the last hour they reduced them big time!

Moving on, I am in love with Bourjois' Illuminating Touch. It's a peachy/gold highlighter in the cute Bourjois packaging. Take a look;

It's an easy to use highlighter and gives a nice peachy shimmery sheen, I have applied it with a blusher brush on my cheekbones and on my brow bone. I actually forgot how good Bourjois' products are and I'm glad the Bourjois stand at the Clothes Show reminded me about the good quality and nice range of products. Those French certainly do it well!

Bon Nuit from me.


Monday, 7 December 2009

Clothes Show Live

Wow, the Clothes Show Live really has delivered this year on it's 21st anniversary! Well done!

It was sooooooo busy, I normally can't stand to be among crowds of people, but I really enjoyed people-watching, there were all kinds of people there, all searching for something and some trying to 'be searched for' by model scouts. I just don't know how some of the girls were wearing sky scraper heels and party dresses/all dressed go shopping??? I mean, would they been seen on the HIgh St dressed like Lady Gaga? I'm going to try and get some pictures to show you (if you haven't already been to the Clothes Show and seen for yourself).

So, enough of me thinking out aloud! So, what did I see that was so good? and oh so bad?

Let's start with so good! I am completely in love with 2adorn, fabulous hair accessories, check out some of the creations on the website;

OMG! I couldn't decide which one I wanted because they're all amazing and I wanted them all (if I could afford it). The lovely designer/founder Kim helped me go for an amazing peacock headband fascinator and I can't wait to wear it! Have a look;

I also love Siren and Dahlia but haven't had a chance to buy anything from those stands yet because the ques are a joke! There is a lovely dainty jewellery stand as well called Mahala but I need to check that out properly to tell you more but my mates bought some gorgeous chains with the most pretty little charms. I want to get one like Deb's with the skull and the rose.

Well done to Carmex for finally getting there butt at the Clothes Show, selling cherry and orginal Carmex. I've got a sweet badge saying I (heart) Carmex. You jealous? Haha

Jelly Pong Pong had a good offer on, a goody bag for £10 with 5 decent products, I wouldn't use them personally but would make a nice gift or stocking fillers.

Amie, a skincare range for young skin also made its debut at the Clothes Show, educating young girls the importance of keeping your skin clean with good natural products, not harsh medicated products.

See what I mean by how good it's been, it's all to much to take in but I love it!

So, now for the oh so bad, let's start with the '6 in 1 bronzer'. OMG, the product was totally grosse and cheap, I'm not even sure what it was called but these poor girls were walking around the show with tide marks on their faces like they'd put their make up on with closed eyes! It shouldn't be allowed! It claimed it was a 6 in 1 bronzer because you could use it on eyes,lips, etc etc. Errrm, who the hell wants bronzed lips? and like you can't do that with other bronzers, so much for a USP, they need a new marketing manager or how about just keep the product in poundland.

Glitter? OMG, young girls please don't waste your parents hard earned moula on cheap glitter make up that goes everywhere! These kind of stands shouldn't be allowed to exhibit. I think the Clothes Show should set some rules that these brands should have some standards.

I'm off to go and gorge on Lindt chocs (the red ones). So, I'll be back tomorrow or Wed.

Bon nuit,


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Is your make up stale?

Hello beautiful people,

The title of this blog is not about your make up 'look' being stale but literally, is your make up stale? as in OUT OF DATE? Yes, believe it or not make up does have an expiry date. I must admit I am guilty of this make up crime and it is so easy to lose track on how long you've had your products.

I don't know how many of you know, but make up does have a symbol on the packaging giving you a shelf life, eg;

This is from the back of a Nars bronzer, so this symbol means that once opened, this product will be ok to use for 24 months. Obviously, if you haven't opened it, it will stay fresh for much longer.

What bothers me though (more than bronzer/blushers/eyeshadow) is lip products (and I've mentioned mascaras before in a previous blog,so won't babble on about that again). Don't you just hate that stinky-gloss smell (when lipglosses have gone bad)? The offical expiration date for lip products is 9 months because of the bacteria you continually add to the tube (niiiice). However, I have noticed some brands go stale quicker than the 9 months, I've noticed this with Mac and the Nars pots.

So, here is a little guide for you for keeps.

Mascara: Personally, I change every three months because like lipglosses, bacteria builds up fast.

Foundations: Depends whether it's water or oil based, the water based ones will expire quicker (12 months)  than oil based (18 months)

Concealer: This depends on the packaging really and whether you use your fingers/apply directly to skin. Roughly 12 months.

Pencils: Sharpen regularly and they'll be fine.

Eyeshadows: I have eyeshadows from years ago and they're fine, just make sure you clean the make up brushes you sue with the shadows regularly.

More tips;

1. Wash brushes once a week or every 2 weeks (I wash mine with shampoo and conditioner, you can use something gentle like baby shampoo or you can buy special brush cleaner).

2. Stale make up (especially oil based products) can lead to blocked pores which means you could be ruining your complexion.

Hope this helps y'all.

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