Thursday, 14 October 2010

In 'Ore' of Illamasqua

After my indulgent wax at STRIP, I just had to check out the new Illamasqua store on Beak Street. I felt so left out when reading about the beauty bloggers trip there, I just had to see it for myself.

I walked out of Carnaby Street and it was like a scene from a film, like only I could see the Illamasqua store, illuminated with a golden halo, calling for me. As soon as I stepped in the store, I  could see why fellow beauty bloggers are loving this place. It's a make up addict's fix!

Last week I bought a blush and lipgloss from Illamasqua in Selfridges and I foolishly believed that I could simply browse and not buy anything. I just couldn't resist buying a Liquid Metal (in Solstice) and a Pure Pigment in Ore.

These are amazing alone but glorious if used together. I quickly dabbed my finger in the Liquid Metal first and then the Pure Pigment, they can be used all over, anywhere and with fingers or brushes. 

I feel like giving myself 'gold fingers' with the Liquid Metal, he he.


  1. I am LOVING that gold! Think I am gonna have to make a trip....x

  2. It's divine, not seen one like it anywhere else. There's also a palette with the bronze, gold and silver- all for £29.



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