Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Eye Candy Competition

Here's a question, have you ever seen Cheryl Cole without her false lashes?

I certainly haven't. Huge lashes whether fake or real are so imperative when wearing dark or smokey eye make-up, hence why Cheryl is always rocking hers.

Eye Candy is a new range of hand-made lashes which has a massive waiting list in Boots. They are really light, so don't feel uncomfortable half way through a night out, where you just end up ripping them off.

False Lash Tips: When using strip lashes, I cut them in two halves and then apply them, so they look more natural (actually easier to apply on yourself this way) and sometimes I will just cut a third off to give that 'fluttery' eyelashes effect.

When using the glue, let it go a bit sticky before applying to lashes, if the glue is still watery, the strip won't stick to lashes properly.

I have three sets of the Eye Candy natural look strip lashes to give away. All you have to do is post a comment below with the name of your eye candy (could be a celeb, boyfriend, your get the idea right?)

Depending on the number of comments, I'll write names down and pick three at random.

Competition ends Sunday at midnight.

Have fun thinking about your eye get yours!

RRP: £4.85

Available from Boots, Gordons Chemists and


  1. My eye candy is definitely my husband after all these years there is no one better looking than him. ;-))

    Sarah Hanif

  2. Ahhh, how sweet! I need to know your secret on how you keep that feeling.xx

  3. my eye candy is my boyfriend jamie he actually has the most amazing eyes ever!


  4. You girls are so sweet! I love it.xx

  5. Oooo Im gunna have to go with the other girls and say my main eye candy is Gareth (my other half) hes actually my toy boy ha. Hes only 21 and Im 29 :o we have a gorgeous son together who is just as handsome as his daddy too.

    For other eye candy (a girl can look right?!) its gotta be Channing Tatum. God hes amazing! haha.


  6. Hahaha, love it! That is so sweet. I hope he reads this and knows what an amazing lady he's got.


  7. My eye candy is like everyone else's my boyfriend :) I actually stopped looking at other guys when i met him and the only thing I like to desire now is make up products lol!
    These lashes look gorgeous :)

  8. Hmmmmmm, my eye candy is candy apples.The mint candy apple by essie included :p
    Also, Jesse Williams.*Sigh*

  9. My eye candy is my husband as we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversay yesterday!!! ; )))

  10. Ahhhhh, i love you guys, so genuine and sweet.

    Ria, I love that shade too. HOT!

    Naina, congratulations on being married for a quarter of a century! Wow! Please share your secret with me.


  11. My eye candy...? John although I could be tempted away with a box or three of chocolate!

  12. Hahahaha, agree with chocolate being my eye candy too.

    Also like a bit of Cristiano Ronaldo, Freddy Kanoute and Ben Affleck (plus many others, he he).


  13. Okay whilst my boyfriend is my main eye candy I'm also enjoying a bit of Tom Hardy at the moment hehe xx


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