Saturday, 11 September 2010

Korres Nourishing Body Butters

I'm sure by now, you all know I am a major Korres groupie! I love everything about this brand and the rich, indulgent body butters deserve my Make Up IT Girl Star Product Award for the 'Best Body Moisturiser'.

What is so amazing about these body butters compared to other brands?

First of all, each body butter contains its own active ingredient, so they aren't just perfumed/flavoured according to one's preference. Although, I have had every body butter and each one smells divine and the scent lingers all day (especially Vanilla Plum and Guava - my two favourites).

Also, the quality of these butters are the best I have ever tried (and I have tried them all), this is in comparison to High Street brands as well as luxury spa brands. I refuse to use anything else on my skin (even my husband has starting using them, he loves Fig) and he always said there isn't anything more moisturising than Cocoa Butter (he's eating those words now).

All of the Korres body butters contain Shea Butter. They melt into skin rather than on skin (for example, like Cocoa Butter) and you don't have to worry about waiting for your skin to absorb the product before putting on your clothes. If only I could transmit the scent right now through this blog, the smell of Vanilla Plum is pure indulgence, so warm and sensual. I love how I can smell this on me throughout the day.

My other favourite Guava (will always remind me of Miami, I used this religiously after sunbathing because it's so nourishing). Guava has a sweet tropical scent which makes me feel all fresh and gives me that holiday feeling.

Today I moisturised with the Jasmine Body Butter, I've always loved the sweet floral scent of Jasmine (I was also close to being named Jasmine by my dad but my ma was a massive fan of Charlie's Angels so called me Farrah). Aromatherapists believe that Jasmine essential oil boosts self confidence and helps one break free from the grip of mild depression. They also believe that due to the sensuality of Jasmine, it helps with 'sexual invigoration' (there you go single ladies, layer some Korres Jasmine Body Butter all over you on your next date) love it!

Get buttering...


RRP: £11.50

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