Thursday, 22 October 2009

What's your poison?


So, when I was waiting outside a barber shop in Brixton, this is what I saw outside a salon;

'Cream of Snail Slime', now I don't know what I was more shocked about; the fact that it's snail slime or that a salon in BRIXTON actually has a huge client base for this treatment. I actually spoke to someone at the salon today who gave me some more information about it and I must admit..I am actually quite interested in trying it out.

So, a bit on the history as to how the benefits of snail slime were discovered. Scientists in Mexico disocvered that snail slime contains natural amino acids, proteins, collagen and elastin. All of these ingredients are used by snails to help regenerate its calcareous skin when it's affected by any damage.

There are different brands of 'cream of snail slime' and the lady I spoke to at the salon assured me that they use the best brand called 'Eligarden', a company in Columbia.

Apparently, cream of snail slime repairs and rejuvenates skin which has been scarred by acne and burns, it is used for stretchmarks, wrinkles and years of sun damage.

You can actually by a soap and a cream, the salon I spoke to stock both but they also offer custom made courses of treatments for specific problems and courses start from £25, not bad eh? Well, I think I might go and catch some snails and make some slime smoothie and sell it on because my garden has some pedigree snails who try to eat my dogs food!!!

What do you think? Would you try this out?

Here are some other crazy and extreme beauty products;

* Snake peptide venom, which apparently is like botox and combats wrinkles.

* Geishas in Japan use Nightingale bird poo as part of their beauty regime.

* Erm... Organic BULL SPERM hair treatment..........

* A placental cream which ACTUALLY contains PLACENTA!! suppose it's better than eating it, like my school friend's mom did (yes, she ate my mate's placenta after she was born, she actually took it home and cooked it)!!!!.

Hope you've learned something new today, so like Sainsbury's slogan says "Try something new today", hahaha.

Have a fabulous evening.


Farrah G.G


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