Wednesday, 28 October 2009

"I love what you do, don't you know that you're toxic..."

Britney Spears wasn't referring to nail polishes in her song but the song title summarises a lot of nail polishes in one word- TOXIC!!!

I LOVE painting my nails and one of my most favourite and loved brands is Chanel and I am pleased to announce that they have been certified as safe, which means they don't contain the 'three' toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polishes.

These toxic chemicals are; TOLUENE, FORMALDEHYDE and DIBUYTL PHTHALATE (also referred to as the 'three'). These chemicals have been linked to rerpoductive harm and cancer (source: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics).

The safe to use nail polishes are known as THREE-FREE. Some of the safe brands to use are;

* Chanel
* Orly International
* Revlon
* L'Oreal
* Zoya

For a full guide to THREE-FREE brands and those which are not yet three-free, please visit;

for a free downloadable information card.

So, for now, enjoy some safe and happy painting.



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