Wednesday, 21 October 2009


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Haute Glamour (pronounced 'glam-ooor') is the current catwalk trend for make up. So, it's all about strong hair and make-up, directing a move from the 'no make-up make-up' like Sienna Miller to strong make-up like red lips and winged eyes.

Now, let's not forget that on the catwalk, anything goes! However, in real life, alot of these 'catwalk trends' are not really going to happen, are they? I mean, I wouldn't dream of going into work like this-

The bronze cheek contours and lips look was created at Alessandro dell'Acqua, it's also a look that Cheryl Cole adopted in her solo video 'Fight for this Love'.

What I want to know is, do the beauty editors in top magazines who update their readers with catwalk trends go into work like this? I am so curious to know what some of these top beauty editors look like.

This season, beauty editors are (in my opinion) committing a major make-up sin- 'a blusher-free zone' (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, can't believe I just had to even write that-urgh)! Blusher is an essential for EVERY make-up bag, it transorms my olive-yellow skin into glowing beige! I refuse to leave the house WITHOUT blusher!

So, back to 'Haute Glamoooooor'. So, we all know it's very unrealistic to go into work at 9am with contoured bronzed cheeks, so the question is this; "How can you add a touch of this catwalk glamour to an everyday look?" Well, you can do the winged eye but it doesn't need to look like this (unless you're going to party)-

This look is from the Versace show, where winged eyes were extended up to the temples. Lips were made neutral with concealer and gloss. I personally prefer a nude lipstick.

For an everyday look, go for a non shimmery bronzer (like Laguna from Nars) and contour cheeks just under the apples of the cheeks and where you would naturally catch the sun (sweep across forehead, down nose). The focus will be on the eyes, depending on how adventurous you are, you could either use a liquid eyeliner for a thick winged eye or some black eyeshadow and sweep outwards towards the end of the eyebrow (I will post pics, just need to find my camera).

Other looks showcased red lips, especially with paler skin (which is what I did today as I haven't applied fake tan in a while). Sometimes I like to go pale throughout the cold weather, it gives me a rosy glow so i don't need as much blusher. I wore Nars Red Square today, I wore it all day and it stayed on and didn't dry out or go flakey! It's amazing! It's actually an orangey red, I will be doing a post about different shades/brands and types of RED lipstick!! So, look out for that.

Next time I will be blogging about this; Yes it does say 'CREAM OF SNAIL SLIME' (grosse).

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