Monday, 19 October 2009

Cheap Vs Chic

So, during a lovely dinner with the gorgeous girls (Jen T, Kiran and Sarah), we started talking about make-up (my most favourite topic as you've probably already guessed). A few weeks ago I was talking to Kiran about the cheap quality of Mac lipsticks, they are very dry and after a bit of wear they go all grosse and bitty (I'll take some pics and post soon and show you). Kiran was declaring her undying love for them until today, the day that she discovered REAL, GOOD QUALITY lipstick -the YSL rouge volupte, with it's dreamy, creamy texture and highly pigmented colour, she is now a chic lippy convert. It is so worth it to spend a little extra on a top quality product. So, I dedicate this post to you Kiran, this is a special day you'll always remember.
Bon nuit,


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