Friday, 11 November 2011

The c-word.....

The c word is a swear word for me because I HATE IT. Here are some clues as to what I am talking about...

IT looks grosse...IT is lumpy, bumpy, it doesn't matter if you're thin or plump...celebs are victims to it...yes, it's CELLULITE!!!

Now what were you thinking? Tut tut....

I have tried so many products which all claim to 'reduce' this and that or promise smoother skin.

The fact is that cellulite is generally the result of hormonal or dietary imbalance within the fat tissues, which results in more fat formation than fat breakdown. When this balance is upset, the fat cells swell and store fat. At the same time, their ability to uptake sugar is increased and the excess glucose causes a hardening of the collagen fibres which normally ensure the skin's elasticity. Around 90% of women over the age of 20 are affected by cellulite (so we're not alone).

So, now what?

Well, it depends on the stage of cellulite one may have.

Stage 1 - edematous cellulite

Skin may appear slightly swollen and soft like jelly and dimpling is only apparent when the skin is pinched together.

Stage 2 - orange peel cellulite

Fat cells increase in volume and capillaries are weakened which restricts fluid drainage and circulation. This stage is clear, you'll be able to to see the appearance of 'orange peel'. The deterioration of circulation also means the skin can feel cold to touch.

Stage 3 - adipose cellulite

Lymphatic fluids builds up and circulation is reduced further making the skin cold to touch, metabolism in the cells slows down. Legs can feel swollen, heavy and fatigued.


Well, I haven't had the luxury or time to have any spa or salon treatments but if any fellow bloggers have and they would like to write about them for me, please let me know. Are there any salon treatments you recommend or that have worked for you?

I'm between stage 1 and 2 and the products I have experienced visible results with (in order from best being 1) are;

1. [comfort zone] Body Strategist Remodeller - this gives a wonderful warm sensation and feels like it's really kicking some life into my circulation. Using this for a month left my 'C' much less visible, I'd say around 80% less and skin on my thighs was super smooth.

2. Shiseido Aromatic Sculpting Gel - I am in LOVE with this product, shame it's rather pricey to buy every month. This has the best smell ever for a cellulite product, you could use this all over but I used mine sparingly, see my full post here. I noticed an improvement within 2 weeks with this product!

3. Beautylab Body Sculpt Gel - I bought this on offer for a £1 from Zest magazine and I'm really glad I did. The packaging I had is old, new one is much better looking. It's like a cream-gel and smells fruity and fresh. A little goes a long way and after using it for a month, I definitely felt a difference in my thighs, they weren't as cold and it didn't warm up like the [comfort zone] cream. So, this is perfect for someone who wants results like the [comfort zone] cream without the hot sensation (which I LOVE). I'd say my C was less visible by 50%.

4. Liz Earle's Energising Hip & Thigh Gel with Energising Body Scrub - absolutely BRILLIANT products, they are affordable, smell wonderful and when used everyday together, you will feel better pyschologically (not just physically), the smell has some sort of positive mood effect on me. I have been through so much of these two products and you don't have to worry about using them sparingly. Which reminds me, I must buy more! Full post here.

What products or treatments do you recommend for cellulite?

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