Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Red or Dead's Debut Fragrance 'Release Me'

I remember the days when there was a Red or Dead shop in Birmingham on Cannon Street (which is now MAC), me and my college girlfriends would go in there when the sales were on (part time job budget back then) and I have often wondered "whatever happened to that cool eccentric brand?".

Well, Red or Dead have entered the fragrance market with their first ever fragrance called 'Release Me'. My wonderful friend sent me a bottle of Release Me (which my little sister has nicked because she likes the packaging, which she says 'inspires' her when writing..strange girl).

The fragrance is soft and fruity (right up my street) and on my skin, the tuberose is the main base note, which is also one of my most favourite smells (my Diptyque candles and room sprays are all Tuberose).

The packaging is stunning, a heavy brushed silber birdcage, presented in a tin box (classic British style).

Release Me is out now.

50ml EDT - £25.00
100ml EDT - £35.00

Avaiable online from the perfume shop.


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