Sunday, 20 November 2011

Get your tints out - featuring Carmex Moisture Plus

I have waited SOOOOOOOOO long to blog about Carmex Moisture Plus, I've had this product before it even launched in the UK and I have been getting through the pink tint like water ever since! Truth is, I'm ADDICTED!

I first discovered Carmex (the iconic yellow pot and tubes) around 11 years ago, I always had a pot or tube in my make up kit (which was guaranteed to go missing at the end of a shoot).

Over the years, Carmex has launched several flavours including Cherry and Strawberry and I used to wonder when they would launch something different.

Well, the Moisture Plus Lip Tints were worth the wait! and they have launched at just the right time where us gals now want more than just moisturised lips, we want a hint of colour.

Carmex Moisture Plus is available in two colours, pink and peach as well as a clear (which I use as a base before applying lipstick/gloss).

I am besotted with pink, it suits my naturally pink/red pigmented lips, (peach doesn't look good on me).

I have shown the colour of the pink lip tint on my fingertip because the fleshy colour of your fingertip resembles your lip more than being swatched on the back of your hand/forearm where the skin colour is completely different. This is also a good way to test lip colours in department stores.

I love these tints because they contain SPF, aloe and shea butter..and also because lately I have been so busy I keep forgetting to apply lipstick throughout the day and the pink tint has replaced my usual lipsticks, it's quick, easy, the perfect pink AND so cheap! I have 5 in different places!

Available from Boots.


  1. I'm obsessed with the pink one too, I wear it ALL the time. Joanna, I tend to get mine from ASOS as I get discount and can just add them to an order but think you can get them from Boots etc too?

  2. these look great :) great tip about testing on your finger too :) xx

  3. @joanna, they are available from Boots or if you're going to the clothes show this year, stock up at the carmex stand.

    @lucy, thanks for mentioning stockists, forgot about ASOS. Pink is the best!

    @Laura, Awww thanks, try it out.x

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