Monday, 20 June 2011

Japan's Finest - Shiseido

For those of you who know me personally, you'll know I LOVE Japanese brands and products made in Japan...

Shiseido is one of my most coveted brands, the skincare and cosmetics are creative and technologically advanced and have been since 1888, when Shiseido founder, Yushin Fukuhara introduced Japan's first toothpaste!

The brand is enriched with an ultra-glam heritage, favoured by Japanese royalty in the 19th Century to make up artists all over the world today. The brand name alone is synonymous with excellent quality products. 

It was important for me to give you a brief overview about Shiseido (I always do that with brands I love and highly rate) because for the past 4 weeks, I have been using the Aromatic Sculpting Gel, a new anti-cellulite gel from Shiseido.

The Aromatic Sculpting Gel is a highly concentrated sculpting (and anti-ageing) body cream that fights fat build up, cellulite and ageing effects.

It's light and cooling, it sinks into skin instantly and then you're left with a wonderful cool tingly feeling, which psychologically makes me think it's boosting the circulation in my thighs.

Effective Ingredients

- Sculpting Plant Comples
- Microcirculation-Improving Complex
- Fagus Sylvatica Extract
- Houttuynia Cordata Extract
- Aromachological Fragrance

The gel is formulated with the above ingredients to promote the expression of Uncoupling Protein (UCP) and the production of collagen.

The Aromachological Fragrance: Kuroho

Originally made by blending natural premium ingredients into a paste, this ancient Japanese fragrance has been treasured by aristocrats for over 1,000 years. It smells so fresh yet lasts like a perfume, truly wonderful.

The results

I have been using this very sparingly because it is quite expensive and I was using it only on target areas. I have already noticed my 'target areas' are smoother and more plump. I think I would have even more impressive results if I had used it as per the instructions, from ankles up to thighs....but I was being tight. Oops.

My 'trouble area' on my thigh after 4 weeks
I would love to have this product in a super-size, so I could use it all over, everyday!

The Price

RRP: £45.50


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