Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Unleash your inner Artist with ORLY's Instant Artist

Ultra-hip LA nail brand ORLY are launching a competition to look for the best nail artist in Britain to win an all expenses paid trip to the desert which never sleeps - VEGAS!

There are two categories for entrants, flat nail art (which is painting on nails with water-based paints or polish) and fantasy nail art which you would see at Olympia's Nailympics, check out my past posts on fantasy nail artists here.  In that post I spoke with the fantasy nail expert Sam Biddle, or check out another super-talented girl, Vikki Taylor-Dodds here.

The competition ends July 1st and the trip to Vegas will be in September.

All you have to do to enter for flat nail art (which is open to everyone) is send your details on the flyer below or email and post 10 graduating nail tips with your design hand painted (you can stick these on card).

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to begin an exciting career within the nail industry or already established nail techs and of course you get to go to Vegas all expenses paid! Woohooo!

I can't wait to see Leanne's creation at

What are you waiting for?


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