Sunday, 6 March 2011

NBBE....the place to be for beauty bloggers

NBBE sounds like some sort of movie or music award, right? Well, it's not. NBBE is the acronym for the National Beauty Blogging Event. This year is the first time anything like this has ever been done and I forsee huge potential next year.

The NBBE took place at the Professional Beauty Show last Monday, beauty bloggers were carefully selected to attend the debut NBBE. I was amazed at some of the brands showcasing new products and collections, such as Natura Bisse (I'm a huge fan of the Oxygen range), RMK (I love all things Japanese, the metallic eyes collection are sure to impress anyone), Decleor (always aspired to use Decleor when I was a teenager working on Calvin Klein in Rackhams, now House of Fraser) and my pharmacy favourite ArtDeco.

Other brands that I had heard about but not tried before are; Tan Organic, Carita (I describe Carita as the Cartier of Spa/Salon Skincare, pure indulgence and stunning, shame there weren't any products to try out). Broadway Nails and Kiss Nails (home nail kits), Joico (a salon professional hair care range from the states), Medik8 (didn't get to try it out but the electric blue serum looks stunning and is designed for oily skin), Monu Skincare (an envronmentally friendly brand ahhhh, I love them already) Nailease (dry nail varnish strips (didn't get to try these but they are in Boots) and Gentry Grooming (male grooming range).

I walked in to see a few familiar beauty blogging faces, which I love, such as donotrefreeze, Beautywowza, Hell Candy and 6inch stilettos. I got to meet some cool new girls too, such as Sabrinaloves, MsDrifted and JessicaRose. There are others who I follow on twitter and their blogs but didn't realise they were there, such as Sparklezandshine and ChicBeautyBlog (erm, I was eyeing up her amazing watch).

Anyway, back to the event, all in all it was really good, wish we could have mingled more with each other and the brands though. I thought it would have been like a 'speed dating' event, where each brand has 15 minutes to talk to us and we change over. However, I did enjoy watching Daniel Sandler in action, he created perfect dewy skin on his Katherine Heigl lookalike model.

Celeb MUA Jackie Tyson created a rock chick look in less than 20 mins, she was cool to watch too. Loved the Jemma Kidd dewy glow rose gold highlighter she used (on my shopping list already).

I found Fiona Brackenbury very interesting to listen to and would love to do an interview with her. Fiona is the head of training for Decleor, she discussed the topic of essential oils and why they are essential in beauty. Decleor have been using essential oils in their products from the beginning. I learned some pretty amazing facts from Fiona, she was so impressive and inspiring. I learned that there are 19 different types of collagen (they are numbered 1- 19, with 1 and 3 making up 090% of the total collagen). I could literally do a whole blog post on this discussion alone....I'll try to get an interview lined up with Fiona.

Moving on, products I am super excited to test out?

TanOrganic, an antiageing professional tanning system, 100% natural containing vitamins and hyaloronic acid and NO synthetic colours, preservatives or parabens.

Decleor Expression De L'Age

Joico Intensive Hair Mask for damaged hair

Natura Bisse Intensive Tolerance Booster

RMK Concentrate Serum

Monu Eye Cool Gel

Decleor Aroma White-C Recovery Brightening Night Cream

Finally, some pics, I know how you all love a good image ;)

Dewy Angelic Skin by Daniel Sandler

Rock Chick by Jackie Tyson

Close up of rock chic eyes

Three letters -OMG oh and 3 more (by) RMK

NEW RMK Lip Crayon in No 4

Medik8 Serum! I must get some of this
If you were at NBBE, what did you think about it?

Have you tried any of these products out?



  1. I thought it was a pretty cool event! Loved the products showcased there. Especially RMK!

  2. Like it :) Although I think the speed dating event would have been good as I didnt really get a chance to chat to brands or bloggers (didnt know that some people were there which was a shame as its nice to see 'real life' people! Still some good launches. :) x

  3. I totally agree with both of you, LOVE RMK and wish we could have all got more involved with each other and the brands.xx

  4. It sounds amazing! I just hope one day I will be invited to one of these events! haha. *must keep blogging*
    Sam xx

  5. Aww, you totally will! Get on Twitter!

    I am now following your blog too :)

  6. I cant believe I didnt hear about this event I sooo would have loved it!

    it looks lovely, just found your blog n loving it so far =D


  7. Ha! It obviously paid off going in the opposite direction to everyone else ;) With the throng around RMK and Monu etc I hit the other side of the room and did get a sample of Carita :D Did look like they only had about 10 in front of them and I did wonder at the time about this! It's a tiny pot, but looking forward to trying it out when I've given the Clarisonic a fair few weeks testing.


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