Tuesday, 8 March 2011

In a hurry for straight hair? Meet Stylerush Straighteners

A few months ago my GHD's died on me, I hardly ever used them. I only smoothed the ends of my hair with them..occasionally. So, I thought I'd make do without straighteners in my life!

Boy was I wrong! My mane of hair has been tied up in a top-knot for the past month or so because 1. I can't blowdry hair and 2. because I wasn't sure which straighteners to buy.

I didn't want GHD's again, a few of the beauty bloggers on twitter recommended Cloud 9 and another brand of straighteners with a name that sounds like an Ancient Greek God (totally can't remember it). Priya at BeautyWowza knows how much I love new. niche  products which nobody is talking about, so she recommened me a new hair straightener brand called Stylerush.

Stylerush is from Korea and only just launched in the UK. There are two types, the standard and mini straightener available in 4 colours: violet, lime, orange and black! I love that the colours aren't your typical pink or zebra print (yawn).

I plugged them in, unsure of how long they would take to heat up, well, they reached their max 180 c temperature within a minute which is great for an impatient girl like me. The ceramic plates smoothed my naturally wavy, unruly hair instantly leaving it glossy and silky. I love that these straighteners come with a heat resistant cap and extra long cord, I always struggled with the ghd ones in my house because of where the plug socket and mirror are positioned.

Hair before
Hair after being straightened
 Overall, I am really glad Beautywowza recommended this brand! Go get yours! Definitely a make up it girl -must-have!

Available from http://www.stylerush.co.uk/

RRP: £79.99 OR £39.99 for the mini size (perfect for travelling)

Which straighteners do you use?


  1. Gosh they do look good, and not quite as painful to the wallet as GHDs - what kind of size are they?

    I found a quick way to get gorge beachy waves (thanks to a styling aid) - check it out on http://www.belfastbeautylove.blogspot.com

  2. I've got GHD's and if they broke tomorrow I would repurchase them in a heartbeat. I've tried many others and have also got some Windle ones but GHD's work the best for me.

  3. I actually loved your hair before you straightened it!! It's funny I have dead straight hair and long for wavy/curly hair like yours and people with curly hair long for straight hair!! we are never satisfied with what we have got! I have got a very OLD pair of straighteners which were about £7 from tesco which do me fine (I actually hardly ever get them out!!) But if I had curly haor I would definitely look into these -they are sooo cute!
    Sam xx

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.

    I do really like GHD's but they have gone up so much compared to when i very first bought a pair, these ones do the same job for cheaper.

    Ahh thanks Manths, it's a bit wild though, I need straighteners to smooth my hair out, I rarely ever wear it fully straight but would LOVE to have Chinese hair.

    Wow, didn't even know tescos did hair tools, must look into that.


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  6. i'm not altogether convinced anything can replace my GHD's but i have tried my friends cloud 9 straighteners and to be honest they really did the job, maybe even as well as my GHD's, if mine broke tomorrow, i would considered buying cloud nines depending on special offers. has anyone else tried them?

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