Tuesday, 29 March 2011

TRUST, the NEW hot red lipstick!

TRUST is a brand new, and the ultimate hot red lipstick created by renowned celebrity make up artist Karen Alder.

100% of proceeds from sales will go directly to youth charity, The Prince's Trust, the limited edition lipstick is expected to raise over £60,000 for the charity and sell out in record time on leading television and online retailer, QVC.

Karen is a long-term supporter of The Prince's Trust with first-hand experience of the charity work, Karen got her start in the beauty industry from the Trust.

The lipstick is priced at £8.00 and is available exclusively through QVC from 2nd April.

I will certainly be buying one and I'm 100% sure my little sister Sarah will, as she has a red lipstick obsession, owning one from every brand!


  1. hey hun great blog just spotted you from twitter cant believe iv not seen you before *new find*


  2. awww thank you.

    Nice to meet you and thanks for reading.

  3. Love this. This year is my year of the bolder lip colour so this will be perfect!Yet another lovely lippie to add to my shopping list. And since it's helping a charity it's a win-win purchase!xx


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