Thursday, 26 November 2009

Oh My Orly!


I have been major busy lately which reflects my lack of blogging (sorry). There are so many wonderful products I just am bursting to blog about!

Before anything else, I must say I am very excited for the Clothes Show Live this year! Can you believe it will be celebrating it's 21st birthday? Wow, I didn't even realise how long it had been running for. I am looking forward to hunting down any cool beauty products, so I'll be blogging all about what treasures I find.

So, back to the title- Oh My Orly! I am actually in love with Orly nail polishes, I have passed all my Chanel, Nars and OPI polishes on to my little sister because I am starting an Orly collection.

Orly was founded by a guy called Jeff Pink from L.A in 1975, he named the brand after his now ex-wife. Orly follows fashion trends on which he bases his seasonal colours and he redefined the whole concept of nail care and introduced nail fashion! The founder developed the Original French Manciure after working on the Paris fashion shows, he wanted a nail colour that complimented every outfit on the runway.

So, there's a bit of history on the brand, I must mention that this brand is 'three-free', so no nasty chemicals, which may be dangerous for pregnant women.

I stumbled across the most amazing and must-have colour for the Winter, it's called 'take him to the cleaners'. The name is hilarious and was actually part of the 'divorce' collection, but the colour was so popular in the states that it made it to the permanent collection. It's like an upgrade of Chanel's Rouge Noir.

I've had mine on for four days now and not one chip! It's easy to use as well with a nice long thin handle and brush, so you don't get big blobs of nail polish running down when you're painting your nails.

There are so many colours I love; Liquid Vinyl, Passionfruit, Basket Case and Naughty (don't you just love the names)! I also recommend using the Flash Dry drops if you're impatient like me and risk smudging your nails.

Have fun trying out some of the colours!

I'm trying out some massage candles tonight, so will update you about those tomorrow.




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