Thursday, 19 November 2009

Join the Badger Balmy


I do apologise for not blogging lately, I have a range of amazing products to update you about. So, I'll start off with my hot star product of the week- Badger lip balm.

My lips are always dehydrated and the only product that keeps them hydrated is Eight Hour Cream, that is until I discovered Badger. I'm currently using the Pink Grapefruit flavour, which is major yummy! It makes an amazing lipstick base as well!

The packaging is well cute and men can feel comfortable pulling it out their pockets too. The best thing about these products is that the ingredients are certified organic, with key ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, exotic butters and herbal extracts, so no secret nasties to watch out for! Oh sorry the best thing is the price, it only costs a few quid for an organic lip balm with natural ingredients.

The lip balms come in a range of flavours from Ginger & Lemon to the cocoa butter range with sub flavours like 'Poetic Pomegranate'.

I also have some calming balms and a cuticle balm I'm yet to try out, which I'm looking forward to. I hope there is a calming balm for my hormones or impatience.

I am a MAJOR badger balm fan now! You must try it out, I bet you'll ditch your current lip balm and join the badger balmy.

Let me know what you think.



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