Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The future's bright...

Hi again,

I'm back already, I've got so much to write about and I've been so busy. Eeeek! So, I'm making the most of the bit of spare time I have tonight (I am supposed to be walking my dogs right now) but tonight, you guys are my priority! He he.

It's Christmas in a few weeks and 2010 in 2 months! There are some amazing products out on the market and 2010 is all about skin, lips and nails!

Our skin doesn't half take a bashing with our harsh Winter (I hope you are all using an spf moisturiser?) so it's important to look after it (both face and body) so it's ready to be revealed for Spring/Summer. However, if you're a last minute kind of gal and you like quick fixes, then this product is screaming out for you, it's the Clarisonic skincare brush!

It's kind of like an electric toothbrush for your skin, Manchester Make up It Girl Jade tried it out the other day and actually said "it's like having a facial, it's amazing". Have I mentioned there is also a brush for CELLULITE?!

The brush gently cleanses skin but is twice as effective as manual cleansing and allows better penetration of serums and creams, so you'll really reap the benefits of those products.

Apparently, if used twice daily, it will reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores, which makes sense due to its deep cleansing.

I must warn you, if you want to get your mitts on this product, there are waiting lists (unfortunately, even I have to wait for one) but they are available at Space.NK.

Manicures are expensive and let's be honest, they're more of a luxury treat in these hard times of the credit crunch, which is why nail care companies are working very hard to make great products for us and beautiful colours for those dull Winter days, two brands to watch out for are; Rococo Nail Apparel (don't you just love the use of apparel?) and Butter London nail products (love the British heritage).

Rococo nail polish comes in an array of daring and delicious colours from Hip-pop (a red/orange) to gold leaf (gold glittery) and our tester Jade has had it on for FOUR days now and it hasn't chipped!

They are highly pigmented and as Jade has proved-staying power! Nothing worse than chipped nail varnish (especially after a day like OPI).

The names are brilliant and my favourite is FunBoy, the name is hilarious and the colour is my fave-a bright pink!!

Butter London is all about natural nail care, I was won over by the packaging and the hilarious names such as the 'nail fertiliser' and I love the base coat which is called 'nail foundation'. They are certfied '3 Free' (you should know what this means from my toxic blog). There are like 30 colours and my favourites are Macbeth and Primrose Hill Picnic. I love the way the names evoke a feeling like I really am at a picnic on Primrose Hill.

Finally for 2010, lips are big, bright and beautiful with long lasting lipsticks which are creamy and moisturising during cold winter days. Some of the best are the Nars velvet lip pencils (my fave is red square) and the YSL rouge volupte, these are really highly pigmented so they have solid staying power without drying.

Before applying lippy, scrub lips with a toothbrush and a bit of vaseline/8 hour cream or make your own lip scrub with some brown sugar and vaseline or honey. Honey has amazing healing properties. Jelly pong pong actually have a lip treatment made from honey and it's brilliant!!!

So, let's brighten up our gloomy British Winter with some beautiful products.

Night night,



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