Monday, 9 November 2009

Blusher RULES!


Have you missed my blogs? I am sorry I haven't blogged over the weekend, just been super busy! To be fair, I could have spent Saturday or Sunday night blogging but I was distracted by X Factor and Cheryl Cole's CRAZY blusher!

So, today as you've already guessed, I'm paying homage to my KEY make up product, the only product I will NOT be seen without...BLUSHER! Yep, blusher RULES!!! The most amazing invention ever, my ma used to call it ROUGE when she used to put it on me as a KID!!! (I swear she put it on me throughout my childhood, oh and eyeliner).

Anyway, so do you ever go to make up counters and get told there are 'rules' for applying blusher?

Personally, I believe there is only one rule when it comes to wearing blusher- make sure you're wearing it. I disagree with rules when it comes to make up, it's fun and as long as you're wearing it to suit you then that's all that matters.

I overheard someone giving advice to another lady about how to apply blusher, she was saying how "you should suck your cheeks in and drag your brush outwards" (so basically, 80's blusher which looks like it's been applied with a ruler). This may have been flattering for the woman suggesting it but not so for the other lady. We have different face shapes, sizes, cheekbones and skin tone.

I personally apply my blusher just on my cheeks and I always use pink/peach tones because of my olive skin tone, I tend to look ill/yellowish so I need colours to brighten me up and to bring out the beige tones.

I don't know what Cheryl Cole's make up artist was thinking on Saturday, she had bronzed blush around her temples and near her eyebrows, that looks good for high fashion shoots/music videos but wasn't doing anything for the pretty Mrs Cole this weekend, she reminded me of when kids have their faces painted into animals, like a tiger or something.

There are different types of blushers from gel to powder, in my teens I used a liquid blusher for years (Benetint) but as I've got older, I use powder for everyday and a cream when I'm on holiday or wearing minimal make up.

Here are some of my favourite blushers;

1. Nars (all of them) but at the moment, I'm loving Exhibit A. Orgasm, Gina and Mata Hari are beautiful colours too (I have all of the Nars blushers).

2. The Nars Multiple in Mauritius and Portofino are my fave for the summer and holidays (I keep mine in the fridge), oh and South Beach for a nice bronze glow on holiday too.

3. Bobbi Brown Apricot, this is the best colour blusher ever! It suits every skin tone.

4. Shu Uemura in Red 14, got the slightest shimmer, barely noticeable but the colour is easy to use and blends in easily.

5. Bobbi Brown cream blush in Calypso for lips and cheeks. I love dual products and this colour is just like the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 13.

So, go bright this Winter with your blusher and if you've never tried it, give it a go and watch your skin glow (good tagline eh?).

Bon nuit (feeling very French lately)



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