Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sleeping Beauty

A while ago, I read an article in one of the glossies about the many benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, a secret those sly celebs kept to themselves. 

I have just recently started using a silk pillowcase from Silk Perfect  and I will never go back to sleeping on cotton again.

Awww, yummy chocolate. 
When we sleep, our skin cells renews themselves, our bodies are recharged..and sleeping on 100% silk pillowcases helps to keep skin and hair smooth.

When sleeping on my cotton pillowcase, sometimes I would wake up with the odd crease on my face (usually across my forehead and left cheek) and with crazy banshee bed hair. Since, sleeping on my new silk pillowcase, my skin looks smooth and I haven't had any breakouts. My hair is also more manageable, which means less time trying to smooth it in the morning. Actually, overall, I have found myself sleeping a little more as I need less time to get ready....yes, just call me sleeping beauty.

The back of the case is cotton to prevent the pillowcase slipping

If you want to upgrade to silk pillowcases, go to www.silkperfect.com where you can buy two SilkPerfect Pur pillowcases for the price of one (£22 for two).

I have ordered some for my husband (as he moaned about not having one when he saw mine) and for my good friend Pippa, who has been complimenting me on my 'glowing skin' this week (thanks to my new pillowcase).

I have to put another order in, so hurry before I buy them all. He he he.

How to care for your silk perfect pillowcase

* Wash every 1-2 weeks on a 30 degree silk cycle, low heat.


  1. I've been looking all over for one of these after also reading about the celebs using them, glad to hear they are working for you!

    Have finally purchased some x

  2. Same, I didn't know where to get them from until I asked around on twitter.

    You won't go back to ordinary pillowcases I promise you.

  3. I'm so going to buy this now! I hate breaking out - I always break out on my right side (the side I sleep on!) xx

  4. IM SOOOO BUYING SOME! sick of breaking out too! £22 is such a bargain! Gripse x

  5. @roshas, OMG, I was sick of breaking out too on my left side, it's cleared up now.

    @gripse, soooooo worth investing in, especially with that offer, I have noticed a MASSIVE difference.

    They are also hypoallergenic and repel mites.

  6. Silkperfect are a very cheap copy of www.silkskin.co.uk Stocked by the best! The ORIGINAL silk pillowcase for skin & hair care since 2004

  7. Yes I heard those Silk perfect pillowcases are cheap and nasty! very, very cheap and nasty...Fall apart too. Check out Amazon revivews for them too!

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