Friday, 3 June 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow with the future of laser hair removal

You guys know how I LOVE discovering new products and beauty innovations right?

Well, I have something life changing to tell you. First of all, I want to ask you a few questions...

Do you HATE body hair? (I DO, with a passion!!!)

Do you HATE threading, shaving, waxing, epilating? (I DO, apart from my waxing sessions at STRIP salons)

Are all these methods of hair removal adding up and becoming a burden? (for me, YES, at £50 a pop for a bikini wax))

Do you want permanent hair reduction..that actually works (I DO)...on olive/asian/black skin?

Do you also want laser hair removal which DOESN'T require you shaving your face/body prior to treatment...and then having to slap on ultrasound gel when having treatment?

I went on a quest looking into different clinics and lasers to find THE BEST in permanent hair reduction...and guess what I have found it, thanks to my bridal MUA friend Raj Dhillon.

You may wonder why I have said permanent hair reduction rather than permanent hair removal. Well, the fact is there is nothing that will permanently remove hair, the skin is living, the follicles are living so as long as you're alive, your hair follicles are too. However, you can permanently reduce the hair and in some cases, some people have experienced no re-growth after 6 years (*someone I personally know).

Ok, Ok, I know you're getting impatient with my rambling and you just want to know, WHAT am I talking about?

I am talking about a laser (NOT light, which is what ipl is) from America which has recently just landed in the UK, the laser is called Naturalase. The woman responsible for changing my life (and many other dark haired ladies) is originally from Canada and has been using this machine for a long time, she brought it to the UK because she just couldn't comprehend why clinics here were using IPL on asian/darker skin. 

There is a lot of technical information, which I can go into it if you would like me to (just email me/tweet at me/post a comment on my facebook page).

I had a treatment on Wednesday and I wish I took a before picture to show you how amazing this laser is.

First of all, I didn't have to shave my hair which I had to for my treatment with the Soprano laser and which you would do with IPL treatment.

Secondly, it doesn't hurt! The laser doesn't even touch your skin (so very hygienic too).

Thirdly, it blasts the hair follicles and turns the hair white so you know the laser has zapped you. I looked like a polar bear but it was so cool! The hair literally turned white before my eyes and then it breaks off or you can pull it out.

Can you see the hair has turned white (my hair is usually black)

Some people have only needed 3 sessions with this laser and haven't had re-growth worth lasering or even shaving. Every individual is different and hormones can affect treatments (eg, if you get pregnant you may experience major re-growth even though you didn't after your course of treatments). It's advised that you have regular top-up's throughout your life like once a year.

There are a few contraindications to consider which means you may not/will not be suitable for this laser, such as;

- If you are having glycolic peels
- Taking/have recently taken Acne medication

I can live with doing this every 2/3 months, I don't care. It's affordable, painless and I can see the results after every treatment!

For more information, email me at whether you're a salon/clinic and you want to use this laser (the lady I know is the UK/India/Dubai distributor so you would have to go through her) or if you are like me and HATE body hair and want to get rid of it!


  1. Wow - This sounds incredible! Have used IPL and was about to try Soprano, but this looks miles better! Can you send me more information to my email? ambarina dot hasan @ gmail dot com

    Hope this continues to work for you.

  2. Best thing I've had done..6 weeks down the line and my hair isn't even growning back other than a few random patches and even then its so fine..would recommend this to everyone!!

    Ra x

  3. Ambarina, I have emailed you details.

    Raj, you're amazing for bringing this laser into my life.

  4. Hi.. Please could you email me more info on this to


  5. Hi Shafka,

    Yes of course I will.

  6. BEST THING EVER! Honestly, fine, blonde hair, can live with that. My bikini line, armpits...hell my whole body loves this machine!

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  8. Can you please send me info too - sounds wonderful and would love to have it done! lauralaurala @ yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

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  10. Oh wow, this sounds amazing!!! I've been looking into IPL and laser for the past year now and been so confused on which route to take. This sounds awesome though.
    Could you email me more info about it please? My email is maz_2509 @ hotmail dot co dot uk. Thanks!

    Hope it continues to work wonders for you. xx

  11. Thanks to give me these type of information

  12. Wow this looks looks great. Could you send me the information at Thanks.

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