Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mehndi just got couture

Last week, I met the super-talented, modest Mehndi Maestro and the World’s fastest Henna Artist, Pavan Ahluwalia.


At just 24-years-old, Pavan has already worked with celebrities like Sugababes, Alesha Dixon and high profile clients such as Selfridges, Sky, STAR TV and the BBC, who have been drawn to her revolutionary methods of incorporating details like glitter, diamante, bindis and coloured body paint into her fusion of bespoke designs.

Alesha Dixon

First of all, Pavan doesn’t even look 24, but even more shocking is that she immersed herself into the world of henna and design from the tender age of seven, she went professional six years ago and today is one of the UK’s leading henna artists.

I was mesmerised by her portfolio of stunning creations, all crafted by hand either straight onto the body or placed carefully onto delicate materials to then be worn. I would love to have one of these creations applied to my body for a special occasion (shame I’ve already had my wedding).

Pavan is also the Guinness Book of World Records holder for being the fastest in her trade. In just one hour she painted a staggering 314 armbands – where each design had to be different from the other – beating the previous record by a mind-blowing 100 armbands. (To be able to create 314 different designs alone deserves another Guinness Book of World Records award!!)

Pavan regards her Guinness World Record for fastest henna designer as her greatest professional achievement to date, and has ambitious plans present henna designing to a wider audience and take the art to the next level.

With a multi-cultural clientele, Pavan’s creative potential is infinite. She transforms her intricate patterns into breathtaking works of art and even recreates her extraordinary designs on scarves and shawls.

MY FAVE!! I want this done!

Each original design is carefully weaved into the fabric and embellished with beads and diamantes to create a distinctive and stylish look, also to be retailed nationally. She extends her henna art to canvas painting as well. Painting on commission, her bespoke artwork creates an individual contemporary statement with ethnic charm.
Her impressive ability to fulfil the diverse and often challenging needs from her clients and the fast efficient pace in which she works, makes her one of the most sought after henna artists in the country, particularly with brides.

Sugababe Jade

I can totally foresee a full fashion feature in Vogue, Tatler or Harper’s with Pavan’s unique work. This is what I love about Pavan, her versatile skill and creativity translates across traditional asian brides to haute couture fashion.

Pavan will also be launching exclusive Henna master classes soon, so keen an eye out on her website if you want to share her knowledge and secrets on how to become a Henna Master Artist. (I will definitely be signing up!!!!)

I would snap up the opportunity to work with Pavan now or invest in some of her artwork because this young lady has a big and bright future ahead of her.

For more information on Pavan and to see the full gallery of her unique designs visit,



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