Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wake up your skin with Evian!

After a rather heavy long weekend, I was feeling a little worse for wear. Fortunately, I remembered I had a can of Evian Facial Spray. A must-have product which I never fail to pack for holiday and long plane journeys.

I was desperate to awaken my skin (and myself), so I blasted my face with a super extended spray of Evian mist, which is 100% natural, mineral balanced and PH neutral (with identical purifying properties to the Evian Natural Mineral Water).

It felt like a splash from the French Alps (well, more like how I imagine what a splash from the French Alps feels like). It’s a glorious product, leaving my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. I am actually going to buy another can to have in my desk at work. I really need it in the office environment, especially during winter when the heating is turned up to the max.

I also noticed that my moisturiser and make-up glided on with extra ease afterwards, so I’ll be using this as a part of my daily routine now. Magnifique!

The millions of micro-droplets instantly moisturise skin, increasing skin hydration by 16%! Can even be used on babies and children.

LOVE it! A make-up IT girl must-have!

RRP: 50ml £3.50

150ml £8.95

300ml £8.95

Another post-party pick me up

When I was around 20, I discovered Caudalie’s beautiful product ‘Eau de Beaute’. I used this on myself after partying hard until the early hours of the morning and also on models/shoots after they had also been partying hard.

It’s a Beauty Elixir which revives skin and smells heavenly! Like the Evian Face Mist, it awakens skin and is a great base for make-up, as well as to freshen up skin throughout the day. I don’t have this product right now, but the smell will remain with me forever, which evokes so many memories! I can smell it right now as I think about it. Ahhhhhh!


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