Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Chocolate Wax at the STRIP club

Fellow beauty bloggers and friends know how much I love my chocolate and also how I am STRIP's number one fan. Last month, I visited STRIP in Soho after reading about it in the Harper's Bazaar Top 100 Beauty List. Since that visit, I haven't stopped singing from the hilltops about it to all my girlfriends. I was eager to book in for my next appointment, this time I just had to try out the chocolate room.

Yesterday I booked in for my usual wax at the flagship branch of STRIP in Chelsea. The gorgeous shop assistant welcomed me into the store as I was trying hard to not check out the beautiful underwear on display (my other weakness after chocolate and make-up).

I was taken up to the delicous 'Chocolate' room for my treatment by the lovely friendly Carleigh. As we approached the chocolate room I could smell the chocolate, if my eyes were closed I could have been fooled into thinking I was in a chocolate factory. The wax smells and scarily looks like real, warm milk chocolate, I think Carleigh was worried I might actually eat it while she left me to get ready for my treatment (as I was greedily eyeing it up).

The Chocolate room looks like the boudoir of a Parisian it-girl, with a chaise lounge and crystal chandelier. Carleigh put a music channel on for me while she waxed away, she is very interesting, like Chelsea who waxed me last time. She was explaining the benefits of hot wax and why it's better to use on your va-jay-jay rather than strip wax. It's less painful for a start (I didn't flinch once, barely even realised I was getting waxed until I had to move my legs up here and there) and it's better for gals like me who are prone to ingrowing hairs (urgh, so annoying).

Once again, I didn't want to leave. How could I leave my beloved Chocolate room? Carleigh finished me off by applying some glorious chocolate oil, yummy! I totally understand why some of STRIP's clients buy this oil by the truck-load, it's divine!

Before I forced myself to leave, I had a sneek of the 'Magnifico' room, this room is exclusively for male waxing only. The boys even have a special man wax, called Magnifico. The 007 poster is sure to distract and relax the first-timers. Back, sack and crack boys?

I keep saying it, but waxing definitely doesn't get any better than this! Waxing for me is now a treat rather than a chore.

Thank you STRIP.

Your number 1 fan.



  1. Wow amazing design out here room it's really looks beautiful...

  2. hi I'm Laura from Germany - Berlin.

    My English is not good. I hope it is ok for you.

    Please I need your help.
    I work in Berlin in a brazilian waxing Studio.
    Es is waxig honey-based.

    I would like to work alone and am very interested in your
    Chocolate Wax

    no strip - only the wax ,if I work on the skin

    pleeeeeease help me where can I buy it ....

    please mail me

    thaaaaaaaaaaank You



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