Thursday, 19 August 2010

Paul & Joe on Shine Control Patrol

I usually have to fake glowing skin with tinted moisturiser, nuxe dry oil, highlighters, you name it and I've faked my glow with it. However, I'm prone to an oily nose (depending on hormones) and an oily nose is not hot! I desperately needed a solution and I discovered it in the form of Paul & Joe Blotting Paper.

I tend to get a shiny nose throughout the day and the last thing I want to carry around is a pot of loose powder or a compact loose powder where I’m transferring oil from face to brush/sponge and back onto the actual powder.

(Clean sheet)

(used sheet - sorry if it grosses you out, had to show you how amazing these are)

The Paul & Joe Blotting Paper is a hygienic way of controlling shine anywhere and wherever you are. It comes in a pretty cute compact with a mirror! It makes me want to pull it out of my bag all the time, even just to top up my lipgloss. I also love how it’s refillable, it’s so adorable.

Every girl needs one of these in their life! A Make Up It Girl Star Product!


  1. I could really do with these.

    I love your blog, lol at the picture of the used paper, haha.

    Much love,


  2. i need me some of those!



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