Sunday, 15 August 2010

Battle of the lashes: Day 4

(Avon Super Full Mascara)

Yesterday I put my final Avon mascara - Super full through the battle of the lashes test. I must admit I wasn't particularly wowed by this one, especially in comparison to how good the other Avon mascaras proved to be. However, I think this mascara is more suitable for longer finer eyelashes rather than mine, which are short, sparse and thin.

With the Super full mascara I used two coats to get the above results, which is a magnificent difference to my bare eyelashes, it dried very quickly too, which wasn't to good when applying my second coat. However, the speedy drying time is perfect for those with limited time to do their make up or if you're on the go (for girls like most of my friends who do their make up in the car).

It didn't flake throughout the day but when rubbing my eyes my eyelashes did slightly bend in different directions because they were so stiff. Again, the stiff nature of this mascara is perfect for those normal people who don't continuously rub their eyes throughout the day (unlike me).

For me, the most appealing aspect of the Super full mascara was how easily it came off when I washed my face, I could roll it off with my fingers rather than having the usual black smudges around my eyes.

My scores for Avon's Super full mascara;

Instant result factor: 5/10
Durability: 6/10
Removal: 8/10

Best for: Long fine eyelashes.

Overall score for Avon's Super full mascara is 6/10.

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