Tuesday, 14 February 2012


A few weeks ago, two of my dogs had the WORST fight ever! It was horrendous. I was left feeling a mixture of great sadness and fear (not for myself) but for the future of my two dogs.

The story goes like this..

I got back from my Christmas/New Year hols to find out that my two dogs, Minaj and Blue had a fight while I was away (when my dog walker told me this, I assumed he was being more dramatic than it really was, I thought it was one of those noisy but harmless play fights they usually have...I was wrong).

The same day I got back from hols, I went running to greet my dogs and had their food ready and Minaj (naughty 15 month old puppy) launched on Blue (9 year old good boy) and was biting and clawing at his face, poor Blue was yelping and didn't want to hurt her, anyway, somehow, I managed to separate them. Phew, so I thought and dismissed it as a one off.

I was wrong...

Next day, the EXACT same thing happened but it was a thousand times worse, on a whole different level.

Minaj savagely attacked Blue and again, Blue wasn't fighting back, they were fighting for ages, I tried everything to split these two powerful dogs apart (with scary big teeth)...it's a bit of a blur now, but I spotted an opportunity to grab Blue away from Minaj.

Blue looked a mess! I couldn't stop crying because his face was all swollen and there was blood everywhere and he wouldn't let me near him to clean him up. Meanwhile, Minaj had just a tiny scratch.


This is not even the worse pic I have, there is one where the floor and walls look like a crime scene, I found out later from their newly appointed dog trainer that they would have fought to the death!

I am so glad I managed to separate them..however, this was SO stupid of me and I DO NOT advise anyone to ever do what I did, it was so dangerous. I also think this how I re-injured (if that's even a word) my bad wrist which has prevented my from blogging.

What did I do next?

I got a dog trainer in, he is great (but very expensive) and he trains police dogs. He has been giving my dogs obedience training so they look to me as their leader. We use this chokey chain to train her, it has worked wonders (this one is too big for Minaj).

I got Minaj speyed..(which has not made a difference at all to her temperament).

They are living sepearately at the moment but I am slowly re-introducing them by taking them on walks together and allowing them to spend time alone (15 mins at a time).

I found a great website on what to do if your dogs fight.

I hope they can go back together because I know they love each other but if Minaj keeps fighting with Blue, I will have to re-home her and that will break my heart..but, I would rather do that than have a dead dog.


  1. Oh that is awful! Poor you, you must have been so upset and scared. I hope the training works xxx

  2. Faced with a challenge like this most people would give up on the dogs, be proud that you are the type of person who is willing to learn methods to make things better!

  3. Aww bless your heart. Its so hard. I hope that they can be happy together again. Please do a follow up post!!xxx

  4. Oh my I feel so emotional after reading that... you must have been so upset. Brilliant idea to get a trainer - I really hope things work out well and that you can keep them both. xx


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