Sunday, 12 February 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF). I am finally back blogging..and shall I tell you what made me get off my lazy Kim K butt and start again? This list on my phone that I made two weeks ago.

I was looking for my skype log in deets and found this list. Good ol' notes eh?

Well in short, the reason I have not been blogging in ages is due to;

1, My sore wrist, I injured it last summer (not sure how) but anyway, it's got worse and the only keypad I can use without pain is my ipad..which takes me ages. I have finally got an appointment with a specialist in two weeks, so will let y'all know what happens.

2. My two dogs (Minaj and Blue) had a seriously disgusting and bloody dog fight, so I have had to deal with getting Minaj speyed, getting in a dog trainer weekly and keeping them apart (feels like my second job).

3. Facebook thief! I was SO VIOLATED a few weeks ago, some FREAK STOLE my facebook pictures (all of them) and set up an account with their real name etc! So, I had to sort that out, by the way, thank you to all of you who reported the freak and helped me kick the weirdo off facebook! 

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of some blog posts coming lip tars and YSL lipsticks collection.


  1. Wooop :) aw so glad to see your back!

  2. i really want to invest in lip tars!

    glad you're back on the blogging bandwagon :) xoxo


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