Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Facebook Thief

As if I didn't have enough drama with the dogs...well, I only got some facebook stalker freak as well!!!

First of all, please, please, please make sure you are safe on facebook. I fell victim to some freak stealing my pictures because facebook changed their settings which meant my original privacy settings were re-set and my pictures and info were open for EVERYONE to see!

One of my good friend's called me telling me they had a message from someone (she didn't know) warning her that Miss X (facebook thief) was using my pictures (I also do not know who this person is).

I actually thought it was a joke until my friend sent me a link! The profile pic of Miss X was MY picture taken like 6 years ago. I looked no further because I was furious.

Next day, I told my work girls about it....who discovered this freak's pictures were all mine (mobile uploads/albums/profile) pics with my friends and sisters....she even allowed people to comment on them and thanking them for compliments etc. I could have been sick.

I couldn't work out how this freak got my pictures, especially as I changed my settings to completely private just last year! However, like I said before, facebook regularly change their settings and my profile was visible to the whole world!

What did I do next?

Well, with great advice from friends, tweeters and facebook folk, we all reported Miss X to facebook and got the account shut down.

Now, all my settings are private.

Go and check yours because you just never know what weirdo might do the same to you.



  1. Oh my gosh, that's awful. There really are some sad losers out there. I'm heading off to check my settings now!

  2. How awful Farrah... I would have been so upset at that. Very glad you got her account shut down!

    Nic x


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