Tuesday, 13 September 2011

To buy or not to buy?

Are you influenced by beauty bloggers to buy?

I have been debating about this with myself on my daily dog walks. I can answer this question for myself (with both yes and no), but not for fellow beauty bloggers, fellow PR’s, blog readers and for those who use blogs for research. So, I would love for you to share your thoughts on whether you are, have been or maybe not influenced to buy products after seeing or reading about something on a blog.

I've tried to keep this post short and sweet because I would really like your feedback. Please vote on my poll, comment on the post or if you’d rather tell me in private, email me at farrahkg@gmail.com. 


I have been reading blogs for around two and half years now and I have been blogging (part time mind you) for almost 2 years. I have been influenced to buy A LOT through reading other beauty blogs.

Why? Because I like to read honest, real reviews and I’m a sucker for good photography. I don’t buy make up (colour) online without  googling colour swatches on blogs first,  because the images on a lot of brands websites are not real life swatches and I find that the photography or graphics used do not reflect the true colour of a product (I must add here that I know Illamasqua use real life swatches for their nail polishes which is such a clever route to take).

So, by seeing a blogger, for example,  Temptalia actually model the OCC lip tars on her lips as well as swatches, this makes me want and NEED these colours/products in my life. This is where I have been influenced and then actually bought products straight away.

More recently, I was influenced by Holly over at Yummy Mummy’s Beauty Blog to buy the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre eye shadows…well, erm, THREE of them actually. Holly posted  brilliant pictures of her modelling the colour, swatches and product shots and her review was specific, detailed and she anticipated what you would want to know about the product and answered everything. Next on my list to buy are the clarins lip perfectors she blogged about! I WANT!


However, there are times when I am not influenced whatsoever, it could be a brand I love, a product I want and know I’ll buy anyway..but I am not remotely influenced by blog posts which have copied and pasted a press release. 

Lately I have learned about things in blogging which I didn't know existed, thanks to Kaushal at BeautyFulfilled (who has influenced me to want to buy  RioBlush City Girl), such as sponsored posts. Firstly, what exactly are sponsored posts? Secondly, Is it a genuine review? Are you really recommending your loyal readers to buy this? Or, are you only giving this product blog space because it's a sponsored post? Finally, I really admire bloggers who are honest about sponsored posts, however, how do you know which bloggers are choosing not to openly state they are involved with sponsored posts?

Have you been influenced by beauty bloggers to buy? 

Have you bought something after reading a review and loved it? or maybe you hated it?


  1. Brilliant idea Farrah & I'll be v interested in the responses. Yes I've been influenced by bloggers for all the same reasons as you, esp if it's by someone with similar colouring to me. It's a bit like a recommendation from a friend vs reading a magazine IMO. Or the difference between PR & advertising. I'm not exactly sure of the difference between a sponsored post & a product provided for review, though clearly there's money involved. But I know when I'm reading a mag, if I spot the word Promotion on the page I just stop reading. I don't care if someone has been given a product for review, but I do care if they've been paid to say certain things. Not that I'd judge a blogger for doing so, but it wd affect my perception of what I read. To me blogging is about integrity, which will always be subjective - & so long as I'm convinced of a blogger's integrity I will read, trust and act on what I've read at the till!

    God I've rambled on. This is yr blogpost, not mine lol great topic though!

    Nic xx

  2. Brilliant post! I would have to say I have been majorly influenced by bloggers, but I would rather have been influenced by them then magazines where now I question the opinion given on products. I also prefer to be influenced by bloggers because if I am researching a foundation and I know they have the same skin type then I know it will most likely be right for me. I was also influenced by Holly with the eyeshadows but I am so in love with it. x

  3. Aw thanks for your comments guys.

    I totally agree with what you have both said and I could have rambled on for ages about this particular topic, because I feel like @strawberry blonde that blogging is about integrity and historically I have always referred to blogs for good honest reviews. However, I do feel like some of my old favourite blogs have become a lot like regular magazines, featuring products based on their relationship with the brand.

    I am inspired and influenced by what I call, 'boutique bloggers', the niche ones who I can always rely on for honest information,whether they bought the product, got it for free or if it's a sponosred post. I just want a fair review.

  4. There are some blogs I go to for ideas on what to buy because I know that they test A LOT of products and so will be able to weed out the best ones for their readers... Otherwise I'm not that easily influenced. xx

  5. It all depends on the quality of their posts. If it's objective, shows the pros and cons of an item etc, has pictures then I think it does help with the credibility side!

  6. "However, I do feel like some of my old favourite blogs have become a lot like regular magazines, featuring products based on their relationship with the brand.

    I am inspired and influenced by what I call, 'boutique bloggers', the niche ones who I can always rely on for honest information,whether they bought the product, got it for free or if it's a sponosred post."

    Very good point and worth bearing in mind for relative newbies like me! x

  7. On a couple of occasions Ive gone out and got something because a trusted blogger has said its been good, most notably for me Collection 2000s concealer which I now love.

    But on the whole I won't see something on another's blog and instantly need them, though saying that after reading about the chanel e/s I might...erm go get them. :D


  8. @sami I tend to look at blogs who get to test loads of products too.

    @strawberry blonde, I LOVE newbies because they have that fresh passion! I love it!

    @ms red, I have done the same, I don't always comment on blogs but I'm always reading and on a lot of occasions, I have bought products and want to try products if I've read a great unbiased/balanced review...and LOL about the Chanel e/s, ahahaha, you MUST go test them out, I am positive you'll end up buying one, or maybe two?


  9. Brilliant post Farrah, since starting blogging i have found a huge difference in the way i shop. I do tend to buy things if ive read a brilliant review from a blogger that i trust.
    I am also more picky when it comes to buying products as i know know how many different great products are out there. I try and buy quality over quantity these days.

    I like to read blogs that have a good mix of reviews to suit all budgets as well

    I am sold by photographs more than anything. Swatches and products on the face do it for me everytime xx

  10. @nicoletta, aww thanks love. I 1000% agree with buying quality over quantity, something little Kaushal at Beautyfulfilled has recently learned too.

    I agree re: photographs, show me some colour and I'll be showing the colour of my money! Haha.


  11. i have voted, sweetie. i would have so much to say on the topic, but need a lot of time to put it on paper and organise my thoughts xx
    liloo /@tsunimee

  12. This blog always create some informational and amazing things, which add in my knowledge and experience.But I am a bit confuse. Thanks for sharing.Waiting for next post.

  13. @liloo, you are very welcome to write up a guest post?

  14. I have to say, a lot of times it can be very difficult not to be swayed by people when writing a blog post, I have been 'told off' and asked to take down certain posts which have been me genuinely disliking a product and not saying anything overly negative about it, which is a shame, a lot of products, brands pr's etc don't seem to understand the concept of blogging.


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