Thursday, 22 September 2011

Terrybly good kohl By Terry

I am a sucker for kohl! I owned all of the Guerlain little Kohl things around 10 years ago, which looked like they belonged in the Museum of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities (lost them a long time ago moving). I also prefer to wear kohl and the lived-in liner look more than eyeshadows, I find it  brings out the colour of your eyes and looks more flattering without looking like you have ten different eyeshadows on a la Kim Kardashian.

These kohl pencils from By Terry are truly stunning! I saw them in Space.NK a few weeks ago and I bought myself Bronze Generation (a khaki bronze with subtle gold shimmer) and I bought my mum Blue vision (an electric blue/purple).

I am also going to buy a Blue Vision for myself but at £22 for a pencil, I'll have to wait a little while.

Each kohl pencil comes with a cute pencil sharpener (like Chanel), which is super handy and rightly expected at that price.

You can wear these pencils as an eyeliner or kohl, they have excellent lasting power and I also noticed the more you blend them, the more shimmery they become (if you want that effect).

I would love to own all of them, maybe one a month is feasible?

What kohl pencils do you use?
Bronze Generation

Blue Vision


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