Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fish Bone Stuck In Your Throat?

This is not something I would ever usually talk about on my blog but I think this will be very useful information for somebody else in the same situation.

Tonight, my sisters and I have just had a delicious dinner of grilled fresh salmon, hot salsa and ricotta pasta...then we had a dinner drama.

My youngest sister choked on a thick salmon bone and it got lodged at the top of her throat. This is what happened next;

1. She drank lots of water (ADVICE: Don't do this, this can make it worse).
2. Then she attempted to puke it up (didn't work)
3. We googled 'fish bone stuck in throat' and the most useless advice came up such as (eat bread, eat oats, go to the hospital..stick gum on the end of a dental floss stick, stupid but we tried it, also didn't work).
4. Called NHS direct....waiting in line...

Then, my sister asked for a latex glove......she used the glove to grab the fish bone...IT WORKED! Her fingers were too slippery to get a grip of the bone.

So, I hope this helps somebody else who finds themself in this same situation, it was scary! Glad she's OK now, eating some brownie and fresh cream.

Night night.


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