Thursday, 28 April 2011

Here comes the bridal make up artist!

This is the final interview from my 'beautiful women in beauty' series. I thought I'd wrap it up with an inspiring success story from a good friend of mine.

Meet Raj Dhillon, specialist in asian bride make-up artistry and hair. Raj began her make up career at MAC Cosmetics 8 years ago and to this day remains loyal to the brand. This beautiful woman's passion for make up has driven her to create numerous looks and the ability to learn how to adapt her craft and ability to complement every face she works on.

What were you doing before you began your career at MAC?
I worked in retail and then worked front of house in a beauty & hair salon

Does your job require specific qualifications/training/experience?
Experience is the key element, practise is the only way to perfect this skill. Some are born with a natural talent so no specific qualifications are needed.

I agree and that will be inspiring to all of my readers who are trying to find a way into make up. Why did you decide to go into make-up?
I always loved art and the colour side to it but never saw myself taking art further as in a career, I always loved playing with make up and couldn't see myself sticking to a 9-5 office job so thought I'd give it a go and thankfully I'm still going strong with no boredom.

"..Make up is an enhancement and brings confidence that some never even imagine having." Raj Dhillon

What do you do on a daily basis?
Day to Day I'm  at my Beautique (Raj's own business in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham) with clients who are getting married and want  trials to see what look I can create for them.

What advice would you give to someone wishing to get into make-up?
I would say to practise as often as you can to perfect your skills so they are more confident for when they do approach a company for a job

Which products do you highly recommend?
I work for MAC so products I highly recommend are the creamsheen glosses/lipsticks, cream colour base, boot black liquid liner.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning and for a night out?
I don't wear make up during the day unless its a bit of concealer. However in the evenings if I have a function or a night out I can spend upto an hour putting on my makeup

What is your most favourite must-have product/make up item? (only one)
I would have to say my concealer! If i could have 2 then it would be lipgloss too. Haha.

Cream blush or powder blush?
Cream blush all the way

Lipstick or lip gloss?
That's a hard one..I'd have to say lipstick as I could go for a glossy texture in it but I do love my lipglosses!!

High St make up or Beauty Hall brands?
Beauty hall brands

What or who is your definition of beauty?
Beauty to me is when an individual feels perfect in their own way. Whether it be polished with a red lip and eyeliner like Marylin Manroe or sultry with smokey eyes and nude lips like Kim Kardashian or even just immaculate skin like Angelina Jolie. Make up is an enhancement and brings confidence that some never even imagine having.
Finally, what are your top tips for brides-to-be?

1. The must have product for every bride is lip conditioner! The worst thing is chapped or dry lips!

2. Facials are great leading up to the wedding to keep the skin looking fresh, hydrated and plump. Don't leave it to close to the wedding spread it out over 10-12 weeks so you can enjoy the full benefits. If your skin looks amazing you can go with less foundation.

3. When choosing a look always think how you will feel looking back on your photos in 5 years time. You don't want to cringe and regret the way you looked. Smokey is great as you can combine colours that compliment your outfit aswell as your skin tone and eye colour. Smokey is a technique not a colour so always remember it doesn't mean black eyes!

Thank you Raj. If you want more information about Raj or her services, visit or if you live in Birmingham, you can find her at her 'Beautique' loacted at 115 Warstone Lane, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.


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