Friday, 28 May 2010


As I prepare myself for the 40 degree heat in Dubai, I have been more concerned with what products to take with me rather than clothes. Skin is damaged in as little as 15 minutes when overexposed to sunlight, and so are nails and hair. So, here are some cool products I'll be packing;

One of my favourite natural and organic brands - Greek skincare brand, Korres.

Korres Red Vine Sun Protection for Hair - with organic extract of aloe. What I love about this product is that it contains water resistant filters that are grafted onto the hair. This is great to prevent hair colour fading and to protect against UVA photo-oxidation. It's not just our skin that the sun can damage, most of us tend to forget about our hair and nails.

Comfort Zone's Sun Soul Tan Maximiser - My favourite Spa brand! I have been using this product for a week prior to my holiday, it's designed to nourish and prepare the skin for sun exposure by stimulating the production of Acetyltyrosine, which is a precursor to melanin. So, in English, it accelerates and intensifies the natural tanning process!

Korres Walnut and Coconut Face and Body Suntan Oil has a slight tint and is rich in vegetable oils for a deep and uniform tan. Walnut oil provides natural protection from the sun, while carrot oil enhances the natural tanning process and prevents premature skin ageing.

My all time favourite sun care brand - Institut Esthederm, I have been using this for years and have never ever suffered form sun burn with this brand. Institut Esthederm has a different approach to the sun and I LOVE it. The products adapt to the sun rather than overprotect it because our skin recognises that it needs sunlight and SPF index is not enough, SPF measures the risk of sunburn but not the risks of ageing or photo-ageing. The photo cellular care products focus on neutralisation of the sun’s harmful effects while stimulating the skin’s self-defence abilities. Adaptasun Sensitive Skin body Milk for Extreme Sun is is perfect for the desert sun of Dubai. The Tan Extender Milk is also amazing and really prolongs your tan but the Space.NK where I live have sold out!! I've also used Bronz Repair which is an anti-wrinkle tanning cream just for the face, allowing skin to tan without wrinkles! Love it!

ORLY's Sunscreen for Nails, this innovative beauty is a UV absorbent high-shine topcoat which a creates a barrier between your nails and damaging UV rays, providing protection for nail polish colour.

Finally, I can't forget about the all important pout, I used to use Mac's tinted lip conditioner pots but found they weren't hydrating enough. I've recently discovered this little gem - Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter, it's a gorgeous buttery lip balm which leaves a shiny coral tint finish.
Be safe in the sun.

Next time...beach beauty.


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