Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cleansing in the Nude

Comments: This remarkable cleanser effectively removes even the most stubborn make-up. The beautiful non-irritating natural oil protects and leaves skin smooth, supple and perfectly soft.

Instructions: Warm between hands and massage onto dry face. Apply warm water to form a light milk and rinse clean. For normal to dry skin.

I love the idea behind of NUDE’s Cleansing Facial Oil. Free of mineral oils and sulphates, not tested on animals and an entirely recyclable plastic bottle makes this my kind of skincare product. However, with a difficult combination of a greasy T-zone, dry cheeks and eyes, and eczema, I am terrified of putting anything new on my face. I regularly suffer from allergic reactions on my lower cheeks, and am constantly frustrated at being unable to use exciting anti-aging products. With this in mind I didn’t have a huge amount of hope when trying yet another new product, yet alone one with pre and pro-biotics. It reminded me of those miniature drinks my mother tucks into at breakfast and I was concerned over the smell, but according to the nude skincare website, these unique ingredients ‘maintain and strengthen the skin, hydrating and defending against free radical attack and ageing irritation.’ As an eczema suffer, the words ‘hydrating’ and ‘irritation’ always jump out at me, and so I thought I would give Nude’s Cleansing Facial Oil a try!

Firstly I love the packaging! Not just because it is recyclable but also it is so smooth to hold and looks completely different to anything else in my bathroom!

I have been using the oil for about 2 weeks now, both morning and night, and absolutely love it. As I massage the oil into my face, I literally feel my skin drink it up and watch as my make-up just slides off. It’s so effective and effortless, making cleansing a quick process without numerous products and cotton pads! After rinsing my face, I am left with super soft, clear, hydrated, plump and dewy skin, and best of all no allergic reactions!

I love it, and without a doubt will purchase the product again – well done Nude!


(Guest blogger for Make Up It Girl)

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