Saturday, 10 April 2010

Make up makes me new tagline

I've always been more excited about buying make up rather than most girls weakness- shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love shoes but make up just gives me a whole different sense of euphoria.

It all began when I was at college and me and my best mates discovered the Chanel counter(this was where I spent over half of my part time wages). I always knew about make up because of my ma, who would insist on putting black kohl and rouge on my cheeks as a kid, but it's a different feeling when you go into the big scary world of cosmetics by yourself, experimenting with brands, what suits and how to wear make up rather than looking like a clown.

So, since a teenager I've always felt the same, I look forward to buying make up, a lipstick or new blusher can completely transform your look and give you confidence. Whereas, when shopping for clothes, you have to buy a whole outfit and even then body issues always get in the way (for me anyway). This thought just clicked into my head the other night when I was out having dinner with my mate, she had got me some gorgeous colours of lipsticks from Mac and I was so excited to try them out.

I'm sure make up radiates the same energy as the Sun, which turns on our happy hormones. Make up is for everyone, regardless of shape, colour or anything else. It's the best invention ever - thanks to the Ancient Egyptians.

All I'm saying is that, "make up makes me happy", which is why this will now be my tagline. It's more fun experimenting with make up and much cheaper.

What do you think? How does make up make you feel? All comments welcome.


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