Sunday, 25 April 2010

Greedy for Greaspaints

I don't know why Mac tease me with making the best products they've ever made - limited edition. It's just not fair, I either have to spend more money stocking up or I''m forced to use the product very sparingly- which is painful when I love something so much.

The products I am referring to are the greasepaint sticks, these babies are the bomb! They are easy to use, they stick and don't budge and they're a perfect base for the Mac pigments.

I am in love with Dirty, a smokey gun metal colour and Greengrease. They are wearable both daytime and nightime and they give that smudged worn in sultry look - which I love.

Mac - you beeyatches better make these part of the permanent collection.

Greengrease with green pigment on top.

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